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Tembalami, Janet Manyowa launch Mbiri

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It was a phenomenal event when Tembalami Tagwirei and Janet Manyowa launched their collaboration project track Mbiri. The collaboration was long time coming as the two gospel giants, both from Celebration Church, have been equally doing exceptionally well both on the local and international fronts.

“When Tembalami hinted at the desire to collaborate, I was surprised at the easy way Mr Manyowa agreed,”said McDee, the Eternity producer who worked with them on the project.

“It was a simple luncheon and then Temba suggested that a song by them both would be in good order. At the time, the track was not even there.

“But barely a month after, the song is out on release and the video ready for launch.”

McDee co-produced the single with Spirit Fingers and their joint efforts have brought forth one of the best videos the gospel genre has created to date.

The event was held at Ster Kinekor, Sam Levy’s Village, and the cinema room was filled to capacity. The response from fellow artistes and producers alike was quite remarkable.

Starting off with a sensational and humorous presentation by Miss Becky of ZiFM Stereo, when the video was finally presented, a deafening silence ensued as the crowd simply sat there as if awestruck at the first showing of the video.

It was that good, they clamoured for more just as soon as they had regained their composure. This was one of the few times a video gets to be played, twice in a row on its first showing thus speaking volumes on the way fans had received the track.

“We just hope the song gets to minister to as many souls around the world the same way we saw it minister to those who graced us tonight,” said Tembalami.

“Such strategic collaborations are what the music industry needs and will always keep music relevant and on point when considering the needs of music lovers across all genres.”

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