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You will emerge

inspiration:with Cynthia Chirinda

Do you feel like you are stuck in the mud, unable to move? Can you see your potential, but don’t know how to unlock it? Do you feel vulnerable, tossed about with no control? The good news is that you have everything within the depth of your spirit and soul that you require to help you to arise and fly higher.

The Greek name for a butterfly is psyche, and the same word means the soul. Take a moment to see yourself as striking and beautiful as the butterfly, bursting on brilliant wings from the tomb in which it has lain, after a dull, grovelling, caterpillar existence, to flutter in the blaze of day and feed on the most fragrant and delicate productions of spring.

The metamorphosis
We have a mind, body, and soul, which is continually growing and expanding. Which means that we have different levels of transformation and growth. Each time we feel stuck, we need to enter the cocoon and undergo another change. Each time we realise that we have greater potential than we are using, we need to enter the cocoon and undergo another change.

Taking the caterpillar to butterfly analogy one step further, the caterpillar exists by eating up the foliage of the plants it crawls across. It feeds the caterpillar, but does nothing positive for the plants themselves. Once the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly it now flies from plant to plant and helps to pollinate the plants to bring about new life. It helps in the creation of new life, a truly positive purpose.

In this same way, when we get stuck, hide our value, and become tightly guarded, we are not producing anything positive in the world, but rather we are just using up the resources around us. We are not giving back. We are not contributing.

But when we change, transform and grow, we are then in a space of being open, and sharing our values with the world around us. We pay it forward, because we delight in the joy of giving. We focus on how we can contribute to make the world a better place. We unfurl our wings to move freely in the expanded space of our transformation. We become a new creation, with a worthy cause fulfilling our divine purpose.

This cocoon is the place to enter when we need a breakthrough. Where we exercise the patience to grow and transform. The persistence to follow the breakdown through to the breakthrough. Knowing that the surrender is what leads to the life transformation will produce a new happiness of “we did it”. So like the butterfly, I know that each time I enter the cocoon I will come out a new creation. That there is some old part of my life, that is outgrown and no longer serving me or the world around me, that needs to end. And in that ending I will, once again have the strength to emerge, and will be transformed in some way to further the unfolding of divine destiny.

Believe that you will emerge
Like the butterfly, you must have the strength to believe that in time you will emerge from your darkened cocoon…Transformed. On the journey between caterpillar to butterfly, the caterpillar encloses itself into a cocoon. Within that cocoon, the entire caterpillar is broken down into a soup-like mixture.

Just about all of the major structures are broken down and then rebuilt, including the heart. Soon, the butterfly emerges. Hardly a trace of the caterpillar remains. The butterfly becomes free to fly. Personal transformation is much the same. Tired of just eating, working, existing, we go within and close off somewhat from the outside world. We re-examine all of our beliefs; what we were told, what we learned. The process takes much longer than a few days, but sooner or later, we rebuild. We replace false beliefs, held in our minds, with truths, held in our hearts. We shed the old, and begin to emerge anew. Released from our limitations and negative beliefs, we become…free to fly.

The lifecycle of a butterfly is a perfect example found in nature that mirrors back to us what it means to break free from the limitations and fears that restrict us from living our most liberated and joyful life. The caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly beautifully demonstrates the natural rhythms and processes of inner and outer transformation experienced by all life.

Surrendering to Your True Self
The caterpillar appears to feel that it does not have a choice but that it must surrender and follow the forces of nature and the universe as they propel and guide it forward, no matter what the journey entails. Once transformation is complete, the butterfly struggles with all of its strength to emerge from its cocoon. Eventually it leaves behind the protective shell that no longer serves any purpose.

The butterfly’s new existence only slightly resembles its old form. It does not know itself anymore. Its past has been left behind, and the butterfly now experiences itself as something changed and new. It has been reborn. And now it is free.

Our own journey through life is like this as well. Like the caterpillar’s journey into its cocoon and its struggle to emerge as a butterfly, our own journey as human beings toward our most liberated and joyful life is one in which we also struggle to live gracefully and intentionally as a free and full expression of who and what we truly are.

You see, a butterfly must struggle out of its chrysalis to start the blood to flow into its wings to make it strong and able to fly. It must do this to complete its life cycle into a butterfly. By assisting the butterfly and helping it to free itself, I never let it fully develop and fulfil its destiny. In His divine, infinite love for sometimes God allows will allow the struggle, the hurt, the process because we must fight to become fully who we are meant to be.

Today, if you find yourself in this huge struggle or fight to continue on, I encourage you to keep your hope alive. You could be in the most important part of your life that will make you into who you are destined to be. There is no better time than now to keep fighting. Know that God is with you and what you are to become is so great that what you are going through will pave the way for what you are to become. Strong, free, and soaring high with beautiful colourful wings to carry you onto the next adventure.

l Cynthia Chirinda is an organisational and personal development Consultant, life coach, author and strategist. Her newest book, You are Not Damaged Goods:
Transitioning from Tragedies to Triumph, speaks to matters that position individuals to do great exploits beyond their worst experiences. Looking at improving your career, personal effectiveness, communication skills, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Wholeness Incorporated Coaching offers you strategies you can implement today to review your progress and achieve your goals. E-mail: cynthia@cynthiac.net.in LinkedIn: Cynthia Chirinda. Mobile: +263 717 013 206.
Website: www.cynthiac.net.in

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