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Top Three Cricketers to Watch In ODI Series

The first ODI series cricket between India and South Africa has been briefly delayed by wet outfield but expectations are high. The two countries are renowned cricket nations that have always featured in international cricket championships. The big question everyone is asking right now is who are the batsmen to watch in the ongoing championship?  Also, will India take advantage of their comfortable playing conditions at home? Well, you can use 1xbet promo code 2020 to place your wager on who will be crowned the best batman or team in ODI series.

Well, with low temperatures reported in Dharamsala, the conditions in which the first ODI game may not be favourable even for the home side.  After falling to New Zealand in the recent Test Series, it is noteworthy that India has a reputation to redeem. Meanwhile, with South African being the most dominant African cricket team, Zimbabwe is looking to a revamp its cricket prowess in 2020 when Derbyshire visits this year for a tour.

Janneman Malan

In recent months, South Africa has conducted a total overhaul of its national cricket team. The country’s interest in cricket world tournaments has also remained steady over the years. Janneman Malan, a South African batman is one of the cricketers to watch. Notably, this will be the first international tour for the 23-year-old batman. Despite losing his debut against Australia, a comeback in the second encounter makes him a vital competitor for a place in his national team.

South Africa has a great form of WWWLW coming into this match and with Janneman Malan set to be part of the starting line-up; he is in contention for becoming a top batsman in ODI series. The confidence South Africa has heading into the upcoming match having thrashed Australia 3-0, is undoubtedly another boost to a player who is seeking to make a statement in his first international cricket assignment.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder whose name in international cricket tournaments reigns supreme. Despite coming from a back injury he suffered in 2019 when playing at Cricket World Cup, it is hard to wish away the prospects of an established batman like Hardik Pandya. It is especially noteworthy that in all 16 out of 20 ODI series that India has won since 2018, Hardik Pandya has been the game. The influence of the 26-year old cricketer in the middle-order will, therefore, provide India with the much-need momentum.

Shikhar Dhawan

Another top gun to watch in the ODI series is Shihtar Dhawan, a seasoned cricket looking to help his team thrash South Africa. The big question is what does he bring to India’s side going into the tournament? Well, Shikhtar Dhawan is a renowned Indian cricketer with many appearances at the international level. While he is a left-handed batsman, he sometimes operates as a right-handed bowler. At the domestic level, Shikhtar Dhawan has helped Delhi cricket team win many awards. At the international level, he is Delhi Capitals cricket. Despite falling short of inspiration in the just-concluded series, he is a batman to watch in the ODI series, if not one of the best cricketers in the world.

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