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If God is there, why are so many dying?


A man can be lost at sea and the thing that kills him is dehydration, yet he is surrounded by so much water. In the same way man can die of dehydration and yet be surrounded by water could be compared to the same way man suffers yet God is said to be omnipresent. 

If God is everywhere, how does He allow man to go through much suffering and turmoil? 

There is a process called distillation where sea water or impure water is heated, separating the impurities from water and allowing sea water that was undrinkable to become drinkable. Without this process, sea water is undrinkable.

In one documentary, I discovered that men who were stranded at sea had a greater potential of surviving if they could drink their urine. Yet there is water around them. When you look at sea water, you know it is water, but because it has not been purified you have to accept that in that form, it is undrinkable. 

God is everywhere and if man accepts that you cannot drink sea water without it going through a process, one must also understand there is also a process required for you to manifest God’s goodness in your life.  Many cry and say if there is God, why does He allow so many people to die. 

When you want to drink sea water, there is a process that one must do yet we do not accept that there has to a process to access the power of God for any situation you may be going through.

A certain man shared a vision he saw. He said: “I saw a man and a woman hanging for their dear lives on a mountain edge and God said to both of them, ‘Let go and praise Me.’ This was a difficult thing to do because letting go of their lifeline would have seen them both dropping to their deaths. The man obeyed and raised his hands in faith to praise God. He was immediately delivered as a hand came from the sky and grabbed him before he fell. The woman refused to let go until her arms gave in and she fell to her death.”

This seems unfair. How could God allow this woman to die? Why was He more focused on her praising Him than her life? 

God seems unjust to those that do not know Him. One must understand there are principles one must adhere to in order to access His goodness. She thought if she let go she would die so in an effort to save her life, she lost her life. In her mind, she was wondering: if He was really God, surely He could save her even if she did not let go?

When you look at the first example that I gave that man can die of thirst yet surrounded by water, it represents so many who suffer and go through trauma yet there is a God, who loves them. 

God is a God of principles. He will never break His principles under any circumstances. He knows tomorrow and what it holds for you and at times all He wants is to align you to a word He spoke before time for your
well-being. There is word for your healing against any form of disease. There is word for your finances and all you have to do is to seek out that word. 
No matter how thirsty one can be at sea, if he or she does not process the water, they will die of thirst. Only God has the solution and He has made available all we may need. All we have to do is discover the process of abiding in His love.

God bless you and may He bring healing to all those that need His touch.

God bless you.

l Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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