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Coronavirus has exposed the incompetent lot

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
It has taken the coronavirus or Covid-19 to expose the levels of incompetence within the Lacoste factionalist government.

For many years, these incompetent and mediocre people were content to stand behind the legendary Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Gushungo, who shielded them from scrutiny.

Mugabe, an accomplished orator and a global statesman, was always available to provide some cover and protection for the mediocre bunch for close to four decades.

Even when Mugabe boldly declared that between his two vice-presidents, Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa, none of them was capable of leading Zimbabwe, there were howls of uninformed protests.

The protests were obviously being led by those gangsters from the Lacoste faction.

We will not even bother or waste our time with Joice, or Teurairopa Spillblood.

Her failure to grasp the art of addressing audiences is legendary.

She never came across as one who was able to assume the responsibility of national leadership.

We then move to Mr Lacoste himself, Ngwena.

Surely the state or even those generous cartels can invest in weekend or night lessons for Comrade Lacoste on delivering speeches.

A brief stint with toastmasters could help as well.

Even Morgan Komichi, whose polished presentation on the doors of the Supreme Court after that controversial judgement was a marvel to watch, can offer valuable lessons to the Pfee godfather.

Komichi can also direct him to people who now claim to have prepared his speech well before the judgement reinstating Polad member Thokozani Khupe as the mainstream MDC leader.

Every public speech that the chap makes has been received with derision.

It’s not because people just don’t like him, although there is a sizeable number that does not like him.

It’s because Lacoste’s speeches are poorly delivered in a shrill voice.

Even his jokes (if we can call them that) are poorly delivered and are mostly in bad taste.

The coronavirus actually saved Lacoste from having to deliver one of those speeches, which would have been trending for a month as the clean-up exercise was cancelled as a result of the global pandemic.

In a nutshell, those who removed Gushungo from power illegally are now exposed.

They are now afraid of microphones.

Did you ever hear anybody mocking Mugabe for poor speech delivery?

Is it not astounding that many Zimbabweans actually speak about Gushungo with reverence and nostalgia?

Not too sure if they speak about the Lacoste gang with reverence.

What can we do for ourselves?

So, our government could not do anything and can still not do anything for itself and its citizens  in the face of the global pandemic?

All that can be done is to wait for donations from other countries.

Of course, those donations are not safe from the many thieves that prowl the corridors of power.

With Covid-19 has come the shocking realisation on the part of government that residents do not have access to clean water.

Because they had never bothered to visit Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital since they are treated in foreign lands, nobody in leadership was aware of the shocking levels of dereliction at the hospital until the lid was blown off by a member of an affected family.

The government and its MDC brothers are collectively failing to provide clean water for residents who have to queue at boreholes, further exposing them to the disease.

Has Harare municipality been collecting the domestic refuse?


Just what is happening with the MDC?

As usual, those that are not liked or those who have principles will soon be accused of being members of Zanu PF.

Welshman was at one time accused of being a Zanu PF mole.

Kkkkkkk. And yet some leaders are now puppets of Zanu PF, well, the G40 faction in Zanu PF.

But that judgement! Yaaaah!

Sisi Gire Chete Chete!

Ntombizodwa Woyeee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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