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Lessons from Donald Trump

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

Australia’s former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, has sent advance copies of his memoirs to news organisations all over the world. His greatest challenge was how to deal with US President Donald Trump, a New Yorker mad billionaire.

The book starts with an assurance Turnbull received from former US president Barack Obama: “Don’t worry, Malcolm, the American people will never elect a lunatic into this office.” (January 2016)

Come November 2016, Trump was elected the 45th US President. Immediately, Turnbull found himself defending the “unfair and disastrous trade deals” between the US and Australia. The matter stretched over several months, and it appears that Trump (not his acolytes) made his own decisions.

The Australian-US arrangement allowed Australian steel into the US free of duty, thus infringing on the great US steel companies in Pennsylvania. If Trump imposed a tariff on Australian steel, thousands of workers in Australia would be affected. While Turnbull thinks that he outfoxed Trump, an impartial reader will come out with some sympathy for Trump.

Trump’s mission was to defend US companies and interests and to restore the greatness of American companies to their former glory.

We must therefore surmise that the American people, in their wisdom, preferred the mad billionaire who had never held even a dog catcher’s office in his life to crooked Hillary Clinton.

Turnbull shows utter contempt for Trump. Every meeting he had with him was a nightmare. Whenever he left, he thanked God that things were not as bad as could have been. Trump, he says, was a bully.

There is plenty of evidence that Turnbull’s assessment was not far from the mark.

“My son is an idiot, but he is my son. He has no social skills whatever. I hope he does not go into politics. He will be an utter disaster.” — Mary Anne Trump.

While it is true that Trump has disgraced the office of president, the degradation of that office started way back with former president Bill Clinton who practiced sexual acts with a naïve 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky, in the White House library.

Trump has no manners whatever befitting a president. His mouth has no filter and he jumps before he looks. Turnbull says that Trump’s policy decisions and campaign speeches were so ridiculous that it could be assumed that he wanted to lose an election. He named Mrs Clinton “crooked Hillary” and his supporters shouted back: “Lock her up!”

According to governor Mike Huckabee, Clinton’s successor in Arkansas, many Clinton associates ended up in jail. There was a general feeling in the country that the Clintons had circumvented corruption laws by asking foreign countries to give into their charitable foundation. When they left the White House, they had $200 million stashed in there.

Sixth sense
With the whole print media and television establishment dead against him, one wonders how Trump has remained in power at all and whether he has the chance of a snowflake in hell.

Almost everything Trump has blurted out of his mouth at first seems farfetched and utterly false. In the long run, he has proven to be dead on the mark and nearer American gut feelings.

Trump’s first act as president was to discontinue immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Later, he prevented caravans of economic refugees from Latin America crossing from the Mexican border. As I write, he has re-issued a temporary ban on all coronavirus-associated immigration. Simultaneously, he has pressed government agencies to prepare for a suspension of coronavirus-related lockdown.

In all these policy decisions, while his mouthings were wild and provocative, the actions themselves reflected American fears. Obama had deported more Latinos than any president since Dwight Eisenhower’s use of military planes to forcibly return Latinos south of the border. Immigrants from Mexico are a particular threat to white “tough necks”(workers exposed to the weather). Mexicans are known for their work ethic. Like Zimbabweans, they accept any job and send money home. The post offices are doing a roaring business every Friday as Mexicans buy money orders. They are adapted to the hot weather much better than the native tough necks. They are Catholic and have their own language and customs. They do not disappear into the melting pot as American policy demands.

The Democratic Party response in favour of open borders meets with silent, but bitter resentment.

Trump’s contempt for Muslims originates from the fact that all the 22 September 11 terrorists were Muslim, 19 of them from Saudi Arabia. Former president George W Bush’s father had a long-term relationship with the house of King Saud from which his oil company benefited. In any case, the Bushes were globalists and went out of their way to exclude Saudi Arabia, punishing Afghanistan instead.

It became general knowledge that Italy was severely affected by coronavirus because Chinese companies had staffed newly bought factories with 100 000 workers. Trump’s ban of flights from China was not politically correct but regarded as wise.

In his response to the lockdown, Trump’s intuitive response was to send a $1 200 cheque to each worker for the duration of unemployment. The Democrats reaction was to increase food stamps for the poor. People on food stamps are likely not working and therefore not immediately affected by loss of jobs. It is the barbers, nail polishers and store attendants who need immediate help.

The writers cannot say
anything good about Trump. “A new poll suggests that President Trump’s approval has slipped 6 percentage points…amid the coronavirus pandemic health crisis.”
(Paul Steinhammer April 17, 2020)
In the same newspaper, the editor cannot hide a fact that the public does not seem to blame Trump for the virus. So it concocts words to confuse its readers.

“It is not yet clear if the public is rallying around the president. Trump approval ratings (are) rising, but more Americans support Biden for president.”

Likewise, Hunter Biden sourced out $1.6 billion from a Chinese bank in support of a technology company. Social media and white extremists are having a field day about this globalist relationship. It then begs the question whether a globalist like Joe Biden, father, can protect US workers and interests in the smoke-filled negotiating rooms when they themselves are on the payroll of the Asian tigers.

So, the question whether Trump is electable depends on how the electorate will answer another question: Can one tolerate ill-mannered mad New York billionaire in the White House, or do they prefer a nice talking president who sells their jobs to globalists?

Evangelicals and Catholics, who constitute 33% of the electorate, form the Macedonian phalanx in Trump’s cohorts. Democrats have bonded with gay and lesbian groups to include anti-gay mouthings as hate speech, punishable by a jail sentence.

In their desperation to market old Joe Biden, they are looking to a black woman, possibly Michel Obama, to rescue the ticket. My feeling is that the elites underestimate the resentment of the refined Obamas by white roughnecks.

l Ken Mufuka is a patriot who writes from the US. He is collecting eyewitness stories from Gukhurahundi survivors and can be reached at mufukaken@gmail.com

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