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Why are we copying from Ramaphosa?

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People
Greetings from your Amai.
During this lockdown it is very important I, as your mother, keep checking on you to find out how you are doing in these most difficult circumstances.
I will always remain your mother no matter the circumstances.

Surely you don’t expect Auxillia to carry out that very heavy responsibility of being the mother of the nation.

She and ED will need years in order to match the style and class that Gushungo and myself exhibited when we were in charge.

For a start, someone needs to whisper into her ear and tell her to avoid the overkill when she kneels in front of elderly people in rural areas by trying to be the ideal mother or daughter-in-law.

The best strategy is : “Keep it simple and don’t overdo it.”

In this era of Covid-19, someone needs to also suggest to those commissars leading the country that it is not wise for them to be tearing across the countryside with their gaudy scarves.

We are so convinced that if tests were to be conducted on those colourful scarves, lots of coronavirus might be detected on them.

It is little wonder that the deadly virus is now being exported to our clean rural areas.

There is no need for Ngwena, Kembo and Jenerari to move around the country making useless assessments of the impact of the coronavirus around the country.

This is how the virus is spread. Health and information flunkeys spread across the country can easily do that.

As someone once observed, the allowances alone for the delegations and the fuel used in those unproductive trips are enough to buy several ambulances and thousands of gallons of disinfectants.

Congratulatory adverts
Last week I spent some time following discussions on social media and I must say some of the posts were a huge eye-opener.

They revealed the level of trust and sarcasm many people have towards their government, which is actually the standard procedure across the world anyway.

After Ngwena made his announcement extending the lockdown in Zimbabwe, many were not really surprised as they pointed out that because they have nothing original to offer  Zimbabweans, our leadership just does a copy-and-paste job on what South Africa does.

So shallow is the level of leadership that we have to copy even basic stuff from South Africa.

Now as Zimbabwe we are already trying to domesticate “Proudly Zimbabwean”, which as we all know was “borrowed” from “Proudly South African”.

That is what happens when leaders spend most of their time earning allowances by embarking on fruitless trips around the world.

Back to the social media posts, following the announcement by  Ngwena of the lockdown extension, someone was quick to point out that the marketing and advertising personnel at one of the  country’s  newspaper divisions  and parastatals were likely on high alert in preparation for a newspaper supplement “Congratulating the President, Head of State and Government, Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and Chancellor of All State Universities on successfully extending the coronavirus lockdown!”

Another social media  observation was on how since the coronavirus pandemic started, our leaders were now receiving “medical attention” in Zimbabwe.

Suddenly, the leadership is now seriously taking an interest in the development and improvement of the local health delivery sector.

Inventory of Covid-19 donations
Last week, for some reason, someone in government started becoming jittery and went on and on about how all the donations to fight the coronavirus had been accounted for in a transparent manner.

That got us wondering.

Why would anybody just start denying a crime that nobody has accused them of committing?

Maybe someone has been misbehaving.

After violating all the calls for social distancing while receiving all those donations at State House, could someone have become naughty?
Could most of those donations by Jack Ma have found their way to government and party commissars while vulnerable people are left exposed to the pandemic?

Are gallons of sanitisers and bales of face masks and protective clothing stashed at the homes of those in the government and party to the detriment of the beneficiaries?

Other than health workers, which officials in government and their families have helped themselves to coronavirus donations?

It would help to have an official inventory of all donations and where and how they were deployed.

Where is Chamisa?

Meanwhile, any bright ideas from Chamisa on how the country can best deal with the coronavirus, other than endorsing what his former Parliament ally, Ngwena, says?

The silence is deafening. Looks like the failure to provide an alternative in government is replicating itself in the fight against coronavirus.

Ntombizodwa woyeeee!

Chatunga woyeee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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