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Ways to Gamble Online Safely: the Dos and Don’ts

Online gambling can be a fun and enjoyable pastime and for many people around the world, it is. However, as with any gambling, it does come with risks so the appropriate caution should be practiced.First and foremost, you should do sufficient research on the various casino sites that are available online. There are many independent casino review sites like casinosx.com that provide accurate and up-to-date lists of reliable online casinos.

Finding a secure casino


Online casinos should adhere to various regulations and standards if they are to be considered safe. Most importantly, you should always find out where the casino is licensed. Many countries offer cheap and easily obtainable casino licenses but don’t enact strict legislation to back up the license. In these cases, if a casino acts fraudulently it could be difficult for you to follow up any legal recourse.

Countries that benefit from some of the strictest online gambling regulations include Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, and the United Kingdom. Many online casinos are also licensed in Curacao or the Isle of Man but these countries do not offer the same level of protection.

Terms and Conditions

Always read the terms and conditions of any online casino before playing on it. All casinos have different terms and conditions and it’s important that you familiarise yourself with them.

Specifically, you should check to ensure that the casino has fair withdrawal terms. It’s no use winning big at an online casino only to discover that it doesn’t offer any adequate way for you to withdraw your winnings. Some casinos also make it very difficult for you to get your money out or delay withdrawals by weeks.

Random Number Generation (RNG)

Since online casinos can’t rely on dice rolls, card shuffling, or roulette wheels for randomization they have to use a computer program. The problem with this is that the program could be secretly tampered with to give the casino an unfair advantage.

Legitimate casinos should have an RNG certificate verified by an independent third-party, ensuring that their number generation is completely random. Some casinos have begun using blockchain technology for this since it is transparent and tamper-proof.

Internet Security

Even if you find a licensed, certified and honest casino, you may still fall foul to hacking by an external source. Hackers know that casino sites often transfer large amounts of money so they are a particularly vulnerable target.

Make sure that the site you use has the highest quality, up-to-date SSL encryption on all its communications. This should involve at least 128-bit encryption for all data in transit and while at rest. Most browsers allow you to check the SSL certificate by clicking the padlock next to the web address.

Know your limits

Above and beyond internet security, you need to also be sure that you are safe to gamble. All forms of gambling can become addictive and different people have different levels of susceptibility. You should never gamble online if you have had previous problems with gambling addiction.

If you do choose to gamble online, never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Gambling should be viewed as a fun past time and an activity that you spend money to enjoy. Do not approach it as a means to make money.

If you feel your gambling is becoming problematic, you can contact the National Gambling Board for assistance.


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