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Zim hip-hop wars get nasty

By Style Reporter

Local rapper Prince “Noble Styles” Butawo has sparked controversy for going too personal on comedian Carl Joshua Ncube in some of his lyrics in the song Gze Lecture, a response to Risilience “Gze” Chekera’s diss on him a few days ago.
Noble was called out by hip-hop heads for unnecessarily targeting Ncube.

“Carl Joshua shut up, you are not even funny… you hate seeing kids flourish, maybe that’s why usina kana [you do not even have] one,” he sings in the verse.

This has raised eyebrows with the general sentiment being that the low blow was misdirected and uncalled for.

“As one of the members, leaders and custodians of Zimhip-hop, I would like to apologies [sic] to my brother Carl Joshua Ncube and his wife for the unnecessary reference to the miscarriage they suffered,” said Kuda Musasiwa, aka Begotten Sun.

“I’m very confused as to why a man normally brilliant and witty went to such a low, in the ‘name of the culture’,” he said signing out with the words “real life, real pain”.

Avid music critic Plot Mhako also weighed in saying: “Find the Carl part ignoble.”

But, despite the reprimand, the Masvingo-bred rapper did not show any remorse, instead claiming this was a clap-back for when Ncube teased him sometime back.

“This is the same guy that made unlimited hits on Sir Wicknell and his wife ‘because he is a comedian’… same guy went after Stunner and Pokello at their lowest… same guy then tried it with me and my family…I am a different breed when you come for my family expect the same energy…” Noble Styles said in a Facebook post punctuated with laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, lyrical battle lines are still drawn between Noble and Gze who spent the greater part of last week releasing scathing back and forth tracks.

The widely held verdict at the moment is that the two are even, pending the third round, after Noble released C10 to complement his initial effort in countering Gze’s Dhaf — a follow-up to Fatality.

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