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Covid-19 and the Casino Industry in South Africa

Covid-19 has affected just about every industry and every person across the world. The casino industry is no different, and we will take a look at how Covid-19 has affected casinos in South Africa. Since going to a casino in person might be difficult for some time yet to come, you can also consider checking out the South African online casino, as this could help tide you over until regular casinos open their doors back up to the public.

If you are accustomed to gambling in person whether it be at casino or at your buddy’s poker game, your life has changed during the worldwide self-quarantine we are currently experiencing as a result of Covid-19. Fortunately, the South African online casino is around to help you transition from offline to online. This way, you can still keep some of your habits and routine, just shifting them to the internet instead of in person. You might actually find that you prefer the online method better than in person, depending on your personal preference.

Casinos in South Africa are all closed right now due to Covid-19, so your only option will be online. Let’s look at how that affects you.

From In Person to Online as a Result of Covid-19

If you are used to weekly poker nights or an annual trip to the casino, you need to adjust your routines during the virus the world is experiencing. Let’s look at some pros and cons to choosing to stay home and play your games online instead of out in public.

Here are a few reasons you might consider giving up the old routine of in-person games in favor of staying home and playing online:

  • It’s better for your health. If you stay home and play online, you will not be risking your health or being in places where you can get any type of virus or flu. This is the chief reason to play online for a long while yet while the world recovers.


  • Free money – some online casinos give you an incentive in your account when you sign up. You might be able to get a bonus into your account when you sign up, and then you can literally play with house money. You cannot get these same sign-on bonuses if you are playing the games in person.


  • Variety of choices – playing online will give you some more options than in person. You will not be limited to just what game is in front of you. You can switch between poker and slots at will, and play exactly what you are in the mood for.


  • Learn some tips – playing online might expose you to some tutorials. If you are a beginner just starting out playing, it’s actually better to start online as you can learn from the computer. You might actually get to be a better player this way and find yourself winning more money when you can again play out in public.


Playing online is actually pretty easy. Just set up an account, be on the lookout for sign-on bonuses, and you can be started in a matter of minutes. The nice thing about the online versions is you can basically play whenever you want. A few minutes here, a few minutes there. You do not have to spend an entire night out playing, you can enjoy the experience online in a matter of minutes while you are waiting for your laundry to finish or dinner to be ready.

The Future of Gambling in South Africa after Covid-19

While playing online is certainly a suitable alternative in the wake of the virus, it will still be nice when we can go play in public again. The industry in South Africa has been affected by Covid-19, but shows hope for the future.

The industry has changed since the virus outbreak, and here’s what has changed and what you can do in the future:

  • Horse racing and other sports – Since the virus has essentially canceled all sports, unfortunately, this means you cannot wager on sports whether in person or online. What you can do now is start reading and researching about the best bets to place when the restrictions are lifted. Which teams do you have to win it all? Given the fast pace of sports and the world, you might regularly place bets a little blindly. Since the world has slowed down, use this to your advantage and get smarter so you are ready to make wagers once everything opens.


  • Save your money for the reopening – One thing you can do is stockpile your money and wait for everything to open backup. If you save money for in-person play, you will be then spending money that helps to restimulate the local economy. The workers and employees at the casinos that have closed are probably not being paid during the shutdown. By saving your money to play in person when things reopen, you wiill be helping to pay people who are short on cash because of the hardship the virus has caused.


While you are missing out on the social aspect of making wagers in person, you can save your money for future outings, play online, or take some time to learn new tricks so you are better when you can play again.

Hang in There

Take a deep breathe; the casino industry in South Africa will recover from Covid-19. If you would still like to play while you wait for things to reopen, you can play in an online South African casino, which will allow you to still play cards, slots, and make wagers.

While sports and horse racing might not come back for a while, there are other ways you can play online, and you can take this time to learn some new pointers to improve your poker skills. This pandemic is a time to try to focus on the positive, and in this case the positive is that you can stay inside and play from the comforts of your own home online.


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