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It’s suffer continue under Mnangagwa

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My People,
I know you have suffered. I know you are suffering. I know you will continue to suffer.

The suffering has gone beyond what ordinary people can put up with.

How you continue to remain sane, if at all you still are sane, beats me as this regime has ensured that you go through some of the most difficult and trying times ever experienced by any grouping of people.

It is now time to identify who or what our problems are. We need to correctly locate our problems so that we are able to deal with them or to rectify them.

I have always told you that from a Zanu PF perspective, the problems stem from the fact that there are unresolved leadership issues.

We all know that ED Ngwena has always faced a crisis of legitimacy in his party since tanks rolled onto the streets to remove the legendary Robert Gabriel Mugabe in 2017.

In addition, a grouping of expelled and suspended members of the Central Committee illegally constituted themselves and recalled Gushungo as president.

From the MDC Alliance, the majority in that confused grouping continue to pay allegiance to another character, Nelson Chamisa who, like ED, violently and illegally grabbed the reins of power.

Having said that, we now need to make recommendations on the best way forward for Zimbabwe.

Needless to say that as we consider the future of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans, we need to park those clowns and stooges of Zanu PF  in Polad.

They could be likened to a latter-day Abel Muzorewa.

It has been sarcastically said that beyond constituting a grouping of electoral losers (together with their patron ED), Polad is a waste of time and resources.

Other than drinking copious quantities of tea, taking selfies with ED and feeding his fish and demanding allowances, that lot does not contribute to the development of Zimbabwe.

With Chamisa having failed to outgrow student politics and mature into a seasoned and mature individual, Zimbabwe’s future looks doomed.

It’s only when he was dealt a body blow by court rulings that declared Thokozani Khupe as the legitimate party leader that he now wants to seriously engage in talks that can salvage what’s left of Zimbabwe.

But Chamisa appears more worried about  salvaging and saving  his political skin as he risks becoming irrelevant as Khupe is moving on undaunted.

For Chamisa, anyone who engages Zanu PF or has a different opinion from him, then that person or persons are either members  or agents of the ruling party.

For a man who was Mugabe’s milkman, that is a very weird attitude.

By implication, it means people who have held independent ideas such as Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma, Paul and Solomon Madzore  and many others are Zanu PF spies or members.

And only Nero is the squeaky clean angel democrat par excellence who only wants to seize power in his party and rule Zimbabwe.

For now, ED, Nero and Khupe need to seriously think of how Zimbabweans are suffering because they are more worried about power retention than working for a better Zimbabwe.

As a result of their obduracy, never mind all the right things that they say in public, Zimbabweans continue to suffer.

As a result, very loud calls for a Third Way or Third Option are beginning to be heard across Zimbabwe.

If the MDC and their partners in crime, Zanu PF, want to fight to the bitter end for dominance while ignoring the welfare of Zimbabweans, then maybe it’s time to try a Third Way.

If the two major political parties are only prepared to duel for power while Zimbabweans die of hunger and service provision deteriorates, then maybe it is time to look elsewhere.

If MDC municipalities are as corrupt as the Zanu PF-controlled municipalities, then it certainly maybe time to consider having a major serious political alternative that will work for a better life for Zimbabweans.

While Zanu PF and MDC continue fighting for political dominance, it is time to get those who  really care about Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans to stand up and provide leadership.

The one-party state and the two-party arrangements seem to be having problems.

President or CEO
One interesting debate that was taking place last week was whether or not failed countries such as Zimbabwe should be run by a CEO rather than a president.

Quite a number felt that in the case of Zimbabwe, it would be ideal to have a CEO with clear deliverables and instructions not to be involved in side businesses.

Some people felt that having a president was a disadvantage and could hamper recovery efforts.

“When you have a failed State that can’t feed its people, it will be difficult for that country to recover especially if the leadership is in competition for looting resources in the fuel, mining and illegal foreign currency trading sectors,” said an observer.

Malaba’s dress code
There have been unsubstantiated reports that our chief justice has been worried about some very trendy short and bum-hugging outfits that some female lawyers have been wearing at the courts.

We are told the issue has been withdrawn as it was “all a mistake”.

Next time he wants to issue a decree about any dress code, he should consider banning those ridiculous gowns and wigs which are imported from the United Kingdom.

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Grace Ntombizodwa Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD  (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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