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Ginimbi pays US$166k duty for car


SOCIALITE Genius Kadungure paid a whopping
US$166 090 duty for his late model Ferrari Coupe, a monster sports car, that was being held at Beitbridge pending payment of duty.

Scores of residents gathered at the non-functional Beitbridge Export Processing Zone, now turned into a bonded transit shed for imported vehicles, to watch Kadungure collect his prized car.

It had been stored for about seven months during which he was in a raging battle with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in connection with several other related tax issues.

Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi, drove into Beitbridge in a stunning Range Rover Lummer, another expensive vehicle in its own right, for transactions to release his Ferrari car.

Here and there, he posed for photographs with several of his fans, including policemen in uniform, who laughed loudly in front of their mobile phone cameras.

Kadungure, who has several household illumination and heating gas kiosks around the border town, paid duty and storage fees using a Nostro account whose receipt was immediately posted on social media.

The Ferrari was later loaded onto a vehicle carrier after its engine was started and run several times. It had been locked away in a warehouse and not in the open where all other cars are kept at the Manica Freight-operated warehouse.

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