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The aid for your walk (Part 2)


A person who has used a walking aid for a long time can go on using it even if they have recovered, without realising they no longer have need for it. The pain becomes psychological and their dependency on the aid becomes a hindrance. 

God does not want your dependency on Him to be a hindrance that stops you from realising the rich deposits He has put inside of you. Even though God is our help in times of need; He empowers us to be able to win the battles and overcome any painful situations. 

When man was created, he was empowered to reign and rule as a god on earth, so from the beginning, God wanted you to dominate and rule. 

A walking aid is a helpful tool but at times limits the user from fully expressing themselves. At times those that use aids begin to have low self-esteem because those around them treat them differently.

When God acts as a walking aid in your life He does not desire for you to be comfortable in your situation. At times God pushes you to stand and have the strength to overcome any situation. From what I highlighted in my instalment last week, while my wife was still hospitalised, the picture of the situation did not seem favourable to me. The gynaecologist, to our surprise, was a godly man and he encouraged my wife and I to fast and pray. He assured us it would be well and recommended an operation. Because he was a man of prayer, we trusted his judgement. 

The woman with the issue of blood had suffered for so long. She began to be identified with her situation. God does not want us to be identified with our situations so much that we lose ourselves in them. Although He stands with us during times of pain, He even supports us and allows us to draw our strength from Him. He does all He can to show us who we really are. 

If God had not been there for me and my wife we would never have celebrated our son together. After the doctor said he had to operate on her, we found ourselves in another situation. For the operation they needed thousands of dollars before they could even attempt to help my wife. Strangely they had said it was an emergency, but could not assist until we had paid for the operation, but we did not have the money at that moment.

The doctor who was attending to us took it upon himself to transport us with his own car to the main hospital where he was also attending and helped my wife to be registered and booked for an operation. 

God was acting like a skilled chess player, moving piece by piece at the right time although we faced battles in that hospital when they said they would not operate the next day because they had too many cases. God moved again and allowed my wife to enter into the theatre. 

June 18 is a day I still remember because that day when my son was born, written on the wall was a scripture which showed me God’s goodness. I shared this testimony with you to allow you to see that no matter how difficult a period can be for you, God has a plan already and has locked in you the resources for all that you will ever need.

The year 2020 for some has been the hardest year, but worse for Zimbabweans who were already in pain long before this year. God does not want Zimbabwe to be described by the pain, but by His goodness over the land. Zimbabwe’s better days are before you and all you have to do is believe and allow God to move piece by piece until His Word is accomplished. For you I want you to know there an aid for your walk.
God bless you.

l Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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