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Four Ideas to Consider When Seeking a Good Deal in Zimbabwe

Is there anything quite as enjoyable as taking advantage of a great deal? Benefiting from a special offer is always pretty pleasing and, fortunately, there seems to be a growing number of places that we can visit these days as we look for fresh promotions.

Of course, much of that is down to the emergence of the internet, with web-based services creating all kinds of possibilities for a range of businesses and sectors.

Many different approaches

The rise of online systems may have changed how many of us access all kinds of information and services, but it has had a massive impact on the way that organisations are able to market and promote themselves too. Digital tools mean that entire industries have a range of approaches they can use to showcase their goods.

For example, Netflix – which acquired its first Zimbabwean feature film earlier this year – tends to go down the route of offering free trials to potential customers so they can see if the service is for them. In addition, some gaming companies have embraced the free-to-play approach, where they give consumers access to a basic game for no charge but then allow them to make purchases to improve their experience. The online casino industry has also made promotions a core part of its work, with this guide to casino bonuses in South Africa highlighting how brands offer many different welcome bonuses and free spins packages to entice new customers. Clearly, different approaches can be effective depending on the execution of your strategy.

But, if you’re seeking promotions related to Zimbabwe, where can some of the best be found? Here we offer up a few options which could help you get a great deal.

1. Local discounts

If you’re keen for discounts which have a very local focus, Done Deals Zimbabwe could well be a great option for you. TechZim.co.zw reported on its launch back in April and revealed how it was designed to be the country’s first online discounts and promotions platform.

The site added that coupons can be downloaded from the service, while it features offers related to sectors including food, retail, travel, and clothing.

2. Accommodation deals

Alternatively, if you are looking to take a break either elsewhere in the country or perhaps further afield, you could check a few different travel websites for some special offers which might help you on your way.

For example, Agoda.com includes a host of information on accommodation options in Zimbabwe, while the site also has a Today’s Deals section which is well worth keeping tabs on.

3. Online offers

Another domain that features more than its fair share of special offers is the online shopping site 10ngah.com.

The platform devotes an entire section to Daily Deals, which at the time of writing included major electronics brands such as Samsung and Acer as well as the likes of Zara and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

4. Checking the classifieds

Looking at classifieds might sound pretty old-school these days, but the concept has had a new lease of life in the online age.

Here in Zimbabwe, you have the likes of MyClassifieds.co.zw and Classifieds.co.zw to choose from, with the latter including listings on issues ranging from cars and vehicles to building supplies, furniture, and clothing.

The joy of getting a great deal

There are few things more satisfying than getting a great deal on a purchase or even having the chance to try something for free.

While the list above is far from exhaustive, we hope that the suggestions might have given you some ideas on where you could look as you begin the search for that next perfect deal.


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