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Dabengwa foundation director hounded over Zanu PF masks


The Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation’s director Mthulisi Hanana has skipped the country, fearing for his life and that of his family after his home was broken into and children harassed by unknown people.

Hanana said he became a target of a failed attempted abduction after he designed the #ZanuPFMustGomasks ahead of the much-touted July 31 demonstrations.
“Last week on Monday to early hours of Tuesday there was a break-in at my house.

“The people that broke in to the house are suspected state agents maybe escorting suspected Zanu PF goons,” Hanana said.

“I said the state security agents because our surveillance team were able to see the army, the police and these Isuzu cars that are normally used by Central Intelligence Organisation Officers (CIO).

“But the conduct of the people that broke into my house defies the professionalism of these security bodies that is why I am saying, it could be state security agents escorting Zanu PF goons.

“So once that happened I felt that I was not safe, because had the people that came to my house found me, I feel and I sense that I could have been harmed in some way. “They did not knock, they broke down doors and two gates carrying guns and machetes, threatening my family.”

Hanana said he knew that the situation at the time was volatile and felt that if it was an arrest that was above board, the police would have called him or visited him to effect the arrest.

“Being somebody that works around the Gukurahundi issues, I saw the trend that these guys were baying for blood. Had I been found I could have been killed,” he said.

“Because the state that is expected to protect me escorted goons, thugs into my house, so I felt I needed to leave the country for a while so I left.”
Hanana could not disclose the country he escaped to.

He said his family was traumatised and feel they are not safe.

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