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Belarus situation a cause for concern

ATTEMPTS by the West to interfere in internal affairs of other countries, in particular electoral processes, raise serious concerns the world over.The Belarus situation affirms that the republic, which is pursuing an independent policy contrary to the values ​​of the United States (US) and European Union (EU), has been subjected to political interference from outside.


Problems for the country started on August 9 when it held its presidential election. According to the official data from the country’s central election commission, President Alexander Lukashenko won over 80% of the votes. Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya came second with 10%.

Some anti-government movements did not accept the election results, which they declared were falsified without providing any significant evidence.

The opposition organised massive, but unauthorised protests in Minsk and other large cities across the country. Law enforcement agencies were forced to suppress aggressive protesters, who used various incendiary and explosive mixtures against the security forces.

Later, the actions of the security forces against the protesters as usual were condemned by the EU and the US. Neighboring Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, issued an ultimatum to the legally elected Lukashenko to stop suppressing demonstrations, threatened to impose sanctions and to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.

Belarus’ Foreign Affairs ministry says there is irrefutable evidence of interference by foreign states in the recent elections. Lukashenko accused Poland and the Czech Republic of fomenting chaos and trying to overthrow his government.

The events in Belarus demonstrate the need to take additional security measures by African countries.For example, it can be argued that the West is pursuing a policy aimed at removing an unwanted Zimbabwean government.

The country’s security services have repeatedly recorded attempts by Western countries to undermine the authority of the Zimbabwean government.

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