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‘Frank’ Gukurahundi dialogue a charade

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
One of the problems afflicting the Zimbabwean government or its parent, Zanu PF, is its failure to address issues in an open and transparent manner.

I am well aware that the fear of being arraigned before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide committed during Operation Gukurahundi haunts quite a few pillars of the so-called second republic.

Under Operation Gukurahundi, more than 20 000 unarmed civilians in Matabeleland and the Midlands were killed by the military.

The Fifth Brigade was formed to conduct the murderous campaign which targeted the supporters of the late Joshua Nkomo and his Zapu party.

As I write this letter, current president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was State Security minister during the campaign, is in Bulawayo meeting civil society organisations to have what he says are frank and honest discussions on Gukurahundi.

The problem with that is Ngwena cannot lead such a discussion or outreach.

At best, he can appear before a special commission on Gukurahundi to provide information on what transpired in the country during that dark era.

It is very ludicrous, if not downright silly, to have suspects leading a process, which is supposed to investigate Gukurahundi and its excesses.

Simply put, an independent commission is supposed to lead the process on bringing closure on Gukurahundi and not those who are known or suspected to be the architects of the genocide.

There is a real risk that they will massage and manage the process to produce an outcome that is false.

As I said recently, the death of Perrance Shiri, who was commander of the Fifth Brigade, was an opportunity for Zimbabweans to start having a real frank and honest discussion on Gukurahundi.

But watching national television and reading state-controlled newspapers, one would have thought Shiri was a saint during his stay on earth.

His murderous operations in Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces were glossed over, including during the speech by
Ngwena at Shiri’s burial.

Shiri’s death provided a glimpse into the kind of attitude that the so-called second republic has got towards the genocide.

They don’t believe in openly addressing the issue because quite a number of them are guilty as sin.

Another example that the so-called second republic is not serious about bringing Gukurahundi to finality was Monica Mutsvangwa’s response to the Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter.

In fact, the response brought into focus that Gukurahundi was still ongoing as a policy although in a different form.

While many people rushed to attack Mutsvangwa in her personal capacity, they forgot that she was a government spokesperson.

In other words, she was not expressing personal opinions, but a government position.

The government is led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The same Mnangagwa who is leading “open and frank” discussions on Gukurahundi.

That explains why Mutsvangwa was not reprimanded.

She is likely to be promoted, just as Shiri was promoted to Air Marshal after leading the Fifth Brigade during its genocidal campaign.

We await a special edition
Our colleagues in the state-captured media are letting the nation down big-time.  

We have been expecting a special edition of The Horrid after Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s his rather curious appointment.

One of the newspapers could also make millions by running “a special congratulatory supplement” following the VP’s appointment.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans will be comforted to learn that one of the qualities that make Chiwenga an ideal minister of health is the fact that during the war, he was a medic for fellow guerillas!

Very soothing indeed.

In another development, VP Chiwenga, the new Health and Child Care minister, has hit the ground running following his recent appointment.

He said he would ensure the remuneration of health workers like nurses and doctors was looked into.

He reminded them that they had taken a vow that they would serve people.

Pretty much like he had taken a vow to serve under the late  Robert Mugabe loyally and faithfully before toppling him in a coup. Kkkkkkk.

Leadership failure
There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is experiencing leadership failure.

A country endowed with so much natural resources that experiences power shortages, poor road networks, bad health and education delivery systems is a failed state.

As a friend recently suggested, maybe it is time we started looking for a CEO with very clear deliverables such as ensuring that by the end of the contract we can go to a service station and get affordable fuel, no electricity cuts, rehabilitate the country’s road network, create safe jobs, reduce poverty, fill our grain silos, put medicine in our hospitals, pay government workers a decent wage and generally improve the lives of the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe.

It does not help matters that the MDC is in disarray.

The best option is to have a third way or option that will unite Zimbabweans, who have not been soiled by the dirty politics of MDC and Zanu PF.
A question for our police
We continue to be told how some senior Zanu PF officials in the politburo were found with fliers and placards denouncing Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the July 31 march.

One of those officials, Claveria Chizema, has been expelled from the party while others are on suspension with a lot of witch-hunts being conducted.

So, if that is the case, why have they not been arrested and only people like Job Sikhala and other activists being arrested?

Ntombizodwa Woyee!
Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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