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Black Lives Matter: Can vice-president ride to the White House on this wagon?

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

I was asked to take over a class in African-American history because the students had run out a white professor. They felt that the professor did not have a black experience.

My first assignment to the class was to ask them to write a paragraph of their own black experience. The story goes like this. On March 3, 1991, a white resident in an apartment complex had the presence of mind to shoot a video of 13 Los Angeles policemen beating up Rodney King with sticks.

Consider this. None of these 13 ever gave any indication that they were doing something wrong as others watched and occasionally pitched in to beat the brother.

All 13 were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

This behaviour has been going on for 400 years. On May 6, 2020 Ahmaund Berry was jogging, dressed up in a jogging suit, around his neighbourhood in Georgia. A former 27-year police veteran and his son, armed with rifles, blocked his path with their truck. They scuffled and shot him. A third person on their team took the video and was laughing about “killing a (N-bad word)”.

Nothing has happened to the three white men.

LeBron James, King of Basketball, said this: “We are literally hunted every day/every time we step foot out of the safety of our homes. Can’t even go for a damn jog, (an F- job), Brother Berry.”

Last week, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jacob Blake went to pick up his three children at a birthday party. A fight between mothers happened there and he was trying to separate them. The video shows him with his three children in tow, taking them to his car. As he opens his car door (wearing a white vest), police shoot him seven times in the back. He is now paralysed.

LeBron James says: “Tell me what the F (bad word) is going on.” In another tweet he says: “I don’t want nothing to do with white people.”

Vice-President Joe Biden
Biden was very sharp in his younger days and led the fight against President Ronald Reagan’s policy of support for apartheid.

He has two weaknesses. He went to Congress at age 27. He is now 77 years old. His accomplishment was the Crime Bill (1994) which separated white crime (cocaine and crack). Blacks use a less refined form of the drug which is punishable by 15 years’ mandatory imprisonment. Whites use a refined form — a judge has judicial leeway.

The results have been horrendous. With other minor crimes, 40% of all black males have had an appointment with the jailer.

Biden was losing his gambit for the presidency to a more charismatic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The Washington elites, including Barack Obama, concocted a plan to get Biden on the ticket. He first won a primary vote in South Carolina. Blacks there are now the bulwark of the Democratic Party, but 64 of the electorate (white) has fled to the Republican Party.

Burning and looting
Democrats discovered that supporting Black Lives Matter was a morally defensible argument. Supporting the protests would place President Donald Trump in an opposite camp.

But, the protesters have taken the better part of four months; in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, they have been there for more than 70 days, carrying on daily protests. They were followed by ANTIFA, an organisation that believes that talk means nothing. “Burn, baby! Burn!” That is the language of the poor.

They want police departments “defunded” and some of their duties replaced with social workers. That is a utopian demand.

The videos are a game-changer. But despite the videos, only one policeman in South Carolina was jailed for shooting a black man in the back while fleeing. In all incidents mentioned above, the police say that they were in fear of their lives.

Thirteen armed Los Angeles police were in fear of Rodney King who was running away from them.

Three white killers, two of them veteran police officers, armed with rifles and blocking Ahmaund Barry’s path, were afraid of a black jogger.

Three policemen armed to the teeth, were afraid of Jacob Flake, shepherding his three children into his car.

The issue here is incomprehensible fear of the black man. Blackness itself conjures fears in the white man’s psyche and something goes off, triggering a murderous self-defence instinct.

Trump’s strength
My impression is that no matter how many times one repeats the stories of police brutality against blacks, whites are in a state of denial. That experience is out of their experience. More likely, they themselves are afraid of black males as well and are hiding the fact.

My fear is that Democrats have likely driven the majority of the “silent majority” into a corner towards Trump.

Democrats are revolutionaries. Over the last 20 years, they have waged a war against marriage between man and woman. Two radio announcers were dismissed from their jobs this week.

One announcer said this: “The players will play without an audience this week. There will be no women to distract your (men’s) attention.”

Progressives, who are pro-gay life, find it difficult to appreciate that women are attractive to men.

Every university now has a gay centre. Gay kids are the “coolest” on campus. They have their own reading rooms. Also, every university I know has co-educational dormitories.

They cannot comprehend it when boys are brought before grievance committees for “ogling” girls bodies as they walk in the corridors in shower towels.
It is not an offence for a boy to “ogle” another boy’s thighs.

When the Covid-19 pandemic scared the populace, progressives quickly made lists of places allowed to operate. Essential places were listed as Gay Bars, Wal-Mart Shopping, Lowes Home Builders, pubs, but places of worship were listed as “entertainment, non-essential”.

The silent white majority has been shut off from the main media outlets. There are, however, local Christian and Mom and Pop radio stations which are carrying on the “fight”.

Democrats offer comfort to all minority groups, illegal immigrants, gay groups, Black Lives Matter, you name them. They have no platform for the white silent majority.

In foreign policy, Biden will be nice to China. Since his son Hunter got a US$1,6 billion loan from a Chinese bank, Biden’s trade negotiations are suspect.

Four months ago, I would have said that Trump’s goose is cooked. But now, I am not so sure.

The incessant attacks on Trump supporters as racists, Islamophobes, and misogynists (63 million who voted for him) only serves to drive them in his favour.

Biden’s family, you name them, have benefited from government contracts. Biden is a perfect elite parasite who lives off politics. Fifty years is enough.

Blacks constitute only 11% of the total US electoral vote. With this support, Biden cannot carry South Carolina which has 29% black population.

Put it bluntly by Biden himself: “If you ain’t voting for me, you ain’t black.” Can anybody win an election based largely on the strength of the black vote?

In 2016, my instinct told me that Trump might win, and I made a bet with my editor at the Financial Gazette. I am not sure if he gave me a goat. If I am correct once again, I want a cow.

l Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be reached at mufukaken@gmail.com. His books can be found at INNOV8 Bookshops in Zimbabwe and at kenmufukabooks.com

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