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Being malleable is an important quality


Plasticity is the property of clay that allows it to change shape without rupturing. A human mind/life can also have this property which allows it to be formed or reformed to become whatever the one who is working it desires.

The Bible tells the story of the potter and how the prophet Jeremiah saw the potter breaking the vessel he was moulding and reshaped the clay into another vessel.

It is not for the vessel to choose what it is supposed to be. But it’s the task of the potter to form it and shape it. Being malleable is a quality which allows the maker to mould you into whatever vessel he wills without resisting. Imagine if Daniel had not been malleable; by allowing himself to learn the culture and the language of the Chaldeans, he would never have become Prime Minister of Babylon.

I have discovered that God uses everything around us to drive us towards His greater purpose. People resist this process because of the things they have learnt and stop God’s hand from moulding them into the vessel He desires. It is always a great quality to be teachable and malleable. But for one to be teachable, they have to empty themselves and be willing to lose.

If clay has too much water, it will not have enough plasticity. What you know is what is stopping God from moulding you into what He desires. God’s plan is divided in three areas: His good, acceptable and perfect plan. Many settle in His good plan because they are not willing for the master to mould them into a perfect vessels. When Jeremiah entered the potter’s house, he noticed the potter breaking and reworking a vessel that was almost complete.

What broke the vessel was not only the process it went through in the hands of the potter, but the quality of the clay. Malleable clay makes it easier for the potter to mould it into whatever vessel he desires. You can ask: What makes one to become malleable?

What makes clay malleable is the amount of water in it. The Spirit of God is what we can compare to water. So the more one is full of the Spirit, the easier it is for God to mould them. Because of the nature of the Spirit of God and His gentleness, many lose out from His benefits in their lives, causing them not to have plasticity. It was the Spirit of God that led Jesus into the wilderness. Many assume if it’s God’s plan it is supposed to be a smooth ride, but most of those who have fulfilled God’s plan faced some form of resistance and difficulty.

Imagine the feelings Daniel or even Joseph had as they were carried away to a foreign land and how difficult it was to learn a new language and even adjust to new food. But yet it was the plan of God for them and though they went through pain and difficulty, what they accomplished was greater than what they could have imagined.

When we read the Bible we assume it was easier for the people whose testimonies we read in there. But it was even more difficult for them than us. As clay in the hands of the master, it’s not easy to understand that God knows what He is doing with your life and He will frame your life to have more value than you could have ever imagined.

When we read the stories in the Bible we fail to see the pain people like Daniel went through. Clay in the hands of the master can get marred and at times broken. But as long as that clay is still in the hands of the master, he will mould it to be a vessel that honours him.
God bless you.

l Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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