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The Growing Love for South African Music In Zimbabwe

Over the years, the Master KG South African music sphere has seen the evolution of its music, which is a complete divorce from Marabi, Xhosa and Zulu which later translated into Kwela and Mbaqanga of yesteryears. The South African songs that are now making waves are basically Amapiano, Gqom, Kwaito and the western invention but it is quite amazing their own native music is gaining more traction across the globe.

But given the proximity of Mzansi and Zimbabwe, there seem to be a growing love for South African music in their neigbouring country. Not only are a chunk of South African musicians from Zimbabwe, we have seen various artists of South Africa headline shows in Harare with these venues filled to the bream and the audiences singing-along some of their tracks word for word.

Perhaps the best known nature of South Africans is their music and even without consciously pushing their music music frontiers to other countries, the irresistible sounds has made it easier for them to break major grounds in Zimbabwe.

Recall when Sho Madjozi, whose roots are deeply from Zimbabwe, performed the indigenous Xibelani dance along DJ Maphorisa on the occasion of the birthday of the president, her song left Zimbabweans for thrill but to her delight, they rapped along with her. She infused the shared Tsonga culture through her music, which we have seen some artists from Zimbabwe do too.

It is also worthy to note that South African musicians have topped most or maybe all of the radio charts in Zimbabwe, this is as typified by the song Jersulema by Master KG. There is no club or nook and cranny in Zimbabwe that you wouldn’t hear this South African songs like Jerusalema, Di Boya Limpopo, Hamba and their likes being aired.


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