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You deserve the tear gas

My Dear People,


So we watched as travellers in a bus were teargassed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Harare last week.

The so-called people’s police force was busy at work.

The very same police force that has for long been accused of defending Zanu PF interests.

The same police force whose former spokesperson, Comrade Charity Charamba, was last week appointed the Zanu PF government’s ambassador to Zambia.
For long, the ZRP has been accused of being unprofessional and an appendage of Zanu PF.

Many have accused the police force of being biased and pro-Zanu PF and anti-opposition, particularly the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in its various formations.

Many have always argued that our police force is always ready to frustrate or prevent any activities of the opposition, especially the MDC.

When our police force threw tear gas into a bus carrying innocent unarmed Zimbabweans, some people complained or expressed their anger or disgust at what happened.

The people in the bus were not attending a political rally.They were ordinary Zimbabweans, who were going about their ordinary or normal duties.
Some of them or even most of them may not have been political or opposition activists.It is actually possible that some or most of them could have been Zanu PF activists.

The whole country was up in arms as people from different sectors condemned the throwing of tear gas into the bus.

Needless to say that the ZRP exposed peace-loving Zimbabweans to mortal danger as some of the passengers inhaled the dangerous tear gas.

Others jumped out of the bus through the windows and crashed on to the hard tarmac and sustained different types of injuries.

But as the debate raged on, many people wondered why people were outraged by the rogue behaviour exhibited by the police.

Was this not the same police force that demands bribes from Zimbabweans and fleeces them of their hard-earned money?

Was this not the same police force with a history of throwing spikes in front of vehicles being driven by Zimbabweans?

Was this not the same police force, which has a history of cracking windscreens of private vehicles or kombis as part of their law enforcement repertoire?

Was this not the same police force, which has seen some of its members becoming armed robbers and terrorising Zimbabweans and tourists?

Anyway, as someone pointed out on social media, why was the government arresting the police officers who threw the tear gas into the bus?

Don’t people deserve the kind of government or police that they vote into office?

If people vote a government, which allows rogue policing, surely they should be allowed to enjoy the benefits that come with the package.

Ordinarily, according to some observers, the officer who threw the tear smoke canister into the bus should be given a medal of honour or be promoted.

If a police officer throws tear smoke into a bus full of innocent civilians, surely that is what they are being trained or taught to do.

Zimbabwean lives don’t matter, they must have been told during their training stint.

As the social media activists said, Zimbabweans must be allowed to enjoy the benefits of their electoral choices.

Reparations for slavery

The calls made by the ruling party Zanu PF for slavery reparations are very welcome.

It is very important and only fair that the United States of America and Europe should compensate the people of Africa and all the African-Americans for the diabolical act of slavery.

Interestingly, while the US was happy to provide Marshall Aid to Europe following the destruction of the Second World War, they have not been forthcoming with reparations for slavery.

Equally, all the colonial criminals, especially from Europe, should be made to pay for their plunder of African resources and their murderous campaigns on the continent.

That is a very noble call that Zanu PF is making.

Equally, the ruling party, Zanu PF, or the government should be actively pursuing a programme to compensate the people of the Midlands and Matabeleland for the genocidal campaign that left more than 20 000 Zimbabweans dead.

Surely when armed government soldiers embark on a campaign to murder unarmed civilians, that would be totally unacceptable and an act of crimes against humanity.

It would be interesting to see the US, Europe and Zanu PF trying to justify their diabolical activities.
Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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