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Thank you Trump for proving all humans are selfish

My Dear People

I think it is very important to acknowledge and recognise the important role played by outgoing American President Donald Trump and his US-based supporters for proving that all human beings are a greedy and selfish lot after all.

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

They also proved that violence is part of the human race DNA, regardless of race, colour, creed, ethnicity and sexual identity.

Over the years, the western world would patronisingly frown on just about all political, economic and social activities coming from Africa, South America and parts of Asia.

They reserved the most acidic comments for Africa.

With some superiority complex, they would stick their noses in the air and roll their eyes as if all the world’s problems rested on their shoulders whenever there were issues emerging from the so-called developing world like Africa.

This was usually when there were issues like some despotic African dictator shamelessly engaging in electoral theft or refusing to leave office after losing elections.

Or it would involve some diehard militia that supported the incumbent president that was moving around threatening and beating up their political rivals and in some instances killing them.

Then the lectures on human rights, democracy, good governance, accountability and transparency would start.

At one time, it was even suggested that refusal to leave office by an incumbent president was only associated with Africans. Barbaric behaviour such as refusal to exit State House or White House was the preserve of Africans, so they told us.

But thanks to The Donald, we all know that dictatorship and uncouth behaviour is not a monopoly of Africans.

Thanks to The Trumpet, we now know that everyone, especially politicians, are full of bull.

Thanks to The Trump, we now know that when power becomes too sweet, then the defeated incumbent will be half-dragged and half-carried out of State House or White House screaming and kicking.

Of course, the only difference is that in countries such as the USA, there are systems and mechanisms to ensure that those who want to hang on to office are contained and never allowed to embark on their silly enterprises.

It is unlike in some banana republics, especially Africa, where some senior soldiers in the military and probably very high on weed would support the crazy ambitions of power-hungry politicians.

An American soldier is most likely to turn down the foolish ambitions of a politician trying to usurp the constitution while our boys would really not mind violating their own constitution.

Trump and our US$15 billion
The defeat that Donald Trump was expected to suffer at the hands of Joe Biden will have serious repercussions for Zimbabwe if anyone can still believe Nelson Chamisa or trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

Many will remember the elephant-sized lie that Chamisa told his gullible supporters.

According to the fantasies swirling in Chamisa’s head, Trump had promised to give him and Tendai Biti US$15 billion if they won the last elections in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, a combination of poor planning and lack of strategy resulted in the MDC losing the elections.

With that went the fantasy of getting US$15 billion from The Donald.

Of course we would later learn that, like most politicians, Chamisa was lying through his teeth when he made promises of phantom money coming from the USA.
He was later exposed on a British news channel that he was a liar.

Unfortunately all our politicians are serial liars and in other countries, such habitual liars would have been kicked out for daring to lie to their members.

A leader of an organisation should not be seen to be lying to members who look up to him or her for guidance.

Anyway, we later realised that another serial liar was his hero, Donald Trump.

The guy tells lies casually to the extent that he believes his own lies.

We hope our own impressionable politicians will stop telling their supporters such big lies.

When a person tells you lies, it is a sign that they have very little or no respect for you.

All they want is to mislead you so that you believe they are very effective leaders when there is nothing between their two ears.

Henrietta refusing to go alone
The case of attempted smuggling of gold involving Henrietta Rushwaya is proving to be very interesting indeed.

The last we heard, she was saying the wrong bag was picked up or something to that effect.

That even when she was checking in she had picked up the wrong hand bag, the one which had more than six kilogrammes of gold.

Unfortunately, the case is refusing to go away silently. Every day the case keeps pointing very big fingers at a very, very, very, very senior person in government.

We keep warning that when you surround yourself with gangsters and criminals, they will soon go into default settings and start misbehaving.
They will smear you with mud, very sticky mud indeed.

Gushungo Chete Chete!
Ntombizodwa Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop It! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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