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Nashtv promises exciting 2021

Nashtv, one of Zimbabwe’s most exciting online TV platforms designed to plug existing gaps in the local arts industry particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic era, has promised an exciting 2021 as it looks to entrench its foothold on the market through quality and exciting content.

By Takemore Mazuruse

The content creator, which was recently awarded the Most Innovative Company of the Year award at the Northern Region Megafest Business Awards and also got Superbrand recognition at the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe awards among other accolades in 2020, has warmed the hearts of many with refreshing content and the Nashtv visionary Tinashe Mutarisi, who is also the Nash Holdings group chairman, said they were encouraged by the progress and would continue giving their all for the benefit of their publics.

“Nashtv is a unique departure from the norm in a generally limited creative industry. We want to be the go-to content creator in Zimbabwe, the region and beyond,” Mutarisi said.

“We started off as an alternative entertainment provider particularly given the Covid-19-related limitations to the industry and many artistes and entertainment lovers felt we were doing the right thing by plugging a glaring gap in the industry until we felt encouraged to grow the concept, hence the various beats and angles we are introducing.”

Mutarisi said the Nashtv idea was in sync with the creative edge which his business empire is known for throughout all the subsidiary companies.

“Zimbabwe is awash with talent which we seldom celebrate and Nashtv is thus an open and available platform for all musicians and industry players who desire an opportunity to interface with the Zimbabwean publics while showcasing their various art forms for growth and enhanced talent appreciation,” he said.

“Be it at Nash Paints, Nash Furnishers or Avon Mobile Technology, we have always strived to foster excellence and a compelling creative edge. We always go the extra mile and Nashtv aptly captures the creative spirit of Nash Paints Group. For this year we are happy to have made the inroads we made and we are utilising the feedback to create an even better 2021 for both our arts, development and business-related clients and audiences.”

Mutarisi’s sentiments were echoed by the online TV’s team leader Tariro Sarudzai Mharapara, better known in showbiz circles as Butterphly Funk,  who said they were going to be all-encompassing in their content design and stakeholder engagements.

“We are generally happy with our strides. We started off with the Nashtv Lockdown series which sought to avail artistes and music promoters a platform to do what they know best at the same time ensuring they are earning a living,” Butterphly Funk said.

“This is a generally difficult period for all industry players and we are happy with the direction this initiative is taking in educating the public about Covid-19, making life bearable for all that live off music at the same time keeping artistes and all industry stakeholders in the game. The synergies have actually fostered a fruitful business alliance.

“We are happy that various other industry players have also taken this online performance route and that multiplicity is important to us.”

Mutarisi said their thrust was to create the right vibe and creative aura in spite of prevailing circumstances.

“Music has a way of lightening things up and we hope our efforts are going a long way in bringing the happy mood in every household,” he said.

“While our primary focus is Zimbabwe and all its residents across the globe, our hope is to reach the regional, continental and global space with local talent thereby creating opportunities for growth.

“Music is business and we want to reach a stage where our artistes earn meaningfully from their trade and we have tried to create synergies between our musicians and other business players for a win-win outcome.”

Mutarisi intimated on related operational challenges and glitches, but highlighted these were part or their refining process and they would emerge even stronger and better.

“Yes, it’s a learning process and we are bound to face some glitches along the way, but the greater good that we are focusing on is keeping us inspired to last the distance,” he said.

“We are grateful to all stakeholders who are supporting and partnering Nashtv and we promise to continue perfecting and delivering to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Nashtv has given Zimbabwean and regional music lovers something to cherish with quality artistic content that has kept the market watchers on their edge and it is hoped 2021 brings even better tidings for their followers and audiences.

“The success we have achieved during the course of 2020 has served as a wake-up call to us and we feel challenged to do more,” Mutarisi said.

“Next year is going to be bigger and better. We want to add value even to the older generation of our musicians through unique fusions and renditions so that they stay on top of their game and inspire the new generation.”

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