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Why we Need Bitcoin?

In the 1990s, the internet came new to existence and became like a brand name. people delved into it and then the paradigm shift occurred with the launch of bitcoin in 2009. It was a great shift but have you ever thought that why do we felt the need for it? Let us delve deeper to answer this.

The Need for the Digitalization.

The digital world was a demand and requirement of the world. The world had to be digital otherwise it would have deteriorated. The fiat currency had many problems and corruption was one of the highlighting troubles. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 but this idea was not generated in a minute rather it took a laborious period to develop. Earlier when the internet banged the world people entered into the mainstream.

Amidst this trend, there was another shift of the digital world. But what made the pioneer think this way? Bitcoin was already a predated cryptocurrency a couple of years ago. In the Netherlands, the petrol pump stations faced severe nighttime thefts and that was the moment of trouble because it was not possible to risk guards. That was when a group of people linked the money cash with smart cards. This was the first attempt at the electronic cash that is linked to digital cash today.

The early attempts

David Chaum was a cryptographer who experimented with electronic cash. He conceptualized a currency that could be easily transferred between individuals. This was the blinded cash and to some extent became successful. The information could be encrypted between individuals through the blinding formula. Digicash was founded by Chaum but in 1998 it was bankrupt due to some reasons. However, Chaum’s attempt was brilliant, and that paved way for the bitcoin.

Web-based Money

Soon companies were launched that made the money transfers through the web. Though these services are still today they mounted ideas for a virtual currency like bitcoin to exist. Even services like e-gold were established that allowed the exchange of gold into credit and all of this was performed online.

Bit Gold

The term bit gold should not be confused with any exchange system rather it was similar to the bitcoin. The mining procedures were the same and published like that of in the crypto world. The solutions were combined and published that seemed like the blockchain technology of the bitcoins. Though it was unsuccessful still it was a hint towards the launch of bitcoin.

The Launch of bitcoin

Finally, bitcoin came into existence in 2009 but took time to be this famous as it is today. Bitcoin was the pioneer in its realm and led to the discovery of many new virtual currencies as well. However, it had many similarities with its predated currencies but is unique in the decentralization status and blockchain technology. The system is so organized which is why it has been successful since the launch.

Our dependence

We have been dependent on these currencies now. This was supposed to be this way because we were proceeding towards the betterment of the world by digitalizing it. Our tech-savvy generation and society are now fully relied on it. The immense use occurred and the importance highlighted during the pandemic. There was a stagnant world during that period and people were not able to go out.


The restrictions caused everything to stop but bitcoin made people sustain by providing faster transactions throughout that period. It was observed that trade for time being stooped but it was surprising fact that new people entered this industry. Now people trade with platforms such as bitcoin evolution because these bots assist and result in more profits. Since, the bitcoin industry is ever-evolving and this digital trend is more feasible with these.

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