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Georgia loss: Democratic machine closes in on Trump

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

I am writing on Wednesday, a day after the Georgia elections to choose two senators has closed. The results, though I dispute, show that the Democratic machine is closing in to dismantle President Donald Trump’s last stand.

Trump, as our readers will have known by now, is what Americans call an outlier. A New York real estate developer, he knew all the insides of the corrupt American system. He came in, four years ago, with the intention of dismantling it. In three weeks, on January 21 he will fly on US Airforce One, for the last time, to his home at Mar-a-largo (a golf course man-made paradise in Florida) for the last time, a broken man. His friends (he had only fairweather friends) are already jumping ship and seeking peace with incoming former vice-president Joe Biden.

Let us return to the elections in Georgia. Georgia was among the five swing states that determine the winner of a presidential election. Democrats did not campaign. They used their inside knowledge of the state’s machinery to swing votes in favour of Biden.

Republicans are the stupid party. Democrats persuaded them to accept a postal vote claiming that coronavirus made in-person voting a health risk. While that may be true, most factories are still working, and shopping at Wal-Mart (the largest chain store) and drinking in pubs, is still allowed. Democrats then used Dominion Voting Machines, which Republicans realised later, could be controlled by secret algorithms.

I, like all journalists, was sceptical of Republican complaints of having been cheated. Kufunda kwakanaka. Here is what I found in an official Texas report, September 21, 2012. Hidden inside the Dominion Systems, “A method was discovered to subvert the printed audit log on the GEMS system, initially preventing audit events from being printed and then erasing all record of them.” (Texas Report Para.4.b)

In a test of these machines, “16 ballots counted as part of the exam, some marks made by examiners were inconsistently read and read differently on different scanners. Some marks were read sometimes, but not others when the same ballot was fed to the same machine.”

Here is the juicy part. Dominion keeps “those component failure messages buried in individual unit logs and does not bring them forward so that an election official can be aware of the individual unit problems”.

The report is written in legalese, but the gist of the matter is that an election official can audit the results. In any case, without technical expertise, election officials were in the dark. This was purposely done by the crooked company. The Texas secretary of State says that for this reason: “The system is not recommended for certification” and use in Texas.

Despite these recommendations, by Texas and Ohio, the stupid Republicans were persuaded to use the system, knowing full well the problems with verification of results.

Trump had hoped that the two senate candidates in Georgia, if elected, would keep the US Senate in republican hands. A Republican majority there would be a bulwark against all Democratic reforms.

The Senate would then make life difficult for Biden by refusing to accept his judgeship and secretaries of state nominations.

In Georgia, Republicans faced another formidable hurdle. Sister Tracy Adams, having failed in her bid for governorship, formed a Georgia Action Committee which registered 800 000 voters. At Ebenezer Baptist Church, the home of the late Martin Luther King, activists used the vacant adjacent plot to register all the vagrants and homeless people in that neighbourhood.

There is nothing under the law to prohibit such an activity. The juicy part, however, is called voter harvesting. One can send social activists to help the less fortunate to fill in their votes, of course for Biden.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg tried this method in Florida, using his package of $100 million to pay off the fines of felons in prisons so they could come out and vote for Biden.

Trump supporters descended on state capitols to protest what they consider A BIG STEAL, Wednesday, January 6.

As can be assumed, the New York Times, on January 5, described Trump supporters as follows:

“Republicans have been able to ride the vote in the white, rural areas of (Georgia) to victory, relying on a muscular combination of racism and anti-government rhetoric.”

The idea that anybody who voted for Republicans is a racist, as advanced by the New York Times, has incensed the demonstrators.

They also object to the Globalists who come and go into government, called the military industrial complex. The next secretary for Defence, four-star General Brother Lloyd Austin, has been working for Raytheon, a maker of bombs and airplanes for the military. In his new position, he will be able to decide who, when and what weapons are bought.

Trump supporters are in no mood to reason. They invaded the Capitol Building where Congress was meeting to confirm Biden’s election victory. Congressmen fled the building as it became obvious that the Trumpkins (a derisory word) appeared ready to be physical with them.

In the picture, even the presence of stalwart decorated policemen did not impress them.

If, as is now the case, Georgians have elected two senators, Republicans will have lost power in the Senate as well as in the Lower House of Congress.

The curtain is swiftly closing on Trump, the man who challenged the establishment and the globalists. The globalists are methodically taking back their power, brick by brick, state by state.

l Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be reached at mufukaken@gmail.com

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