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Moyounotsva’s love, life passion bears fruit

By Takemore Mazuruse

Bindura-based love and life coach Hadlai Moyounotsva , whose Love Talk and Life Coaching Hub teachings and sessions are taking the nation by storm, has implored couples to uphold the importance of companionship particularly at a time divorce is becoming the order of the day.

Moyounotsva, who is the founder and national coordinator of the initiative and an elder in Zaoga Forward in Faith Church, said it was important that couples strive to preserve their marriages in spite of the generally limiting and challenging environment.

“The world today is full of challenges, be they social, economic or political, and all these have a bearing on the sustainability of relationships and marriages,” Moyounotsva told Standard Style.

“It is for this reason that I started the Love Talk and Life Coaching Hub with a view to inspire couples to love, preserve and cherish what they have. Love is a beautiful thing and we must learn to celebrate and preserve it at all costs.”

The love rat, whose sessions have taken couples on dinners, family outings and memorable rendezvous to some of Zimbabwe’s celebrated resorts, said her trainings cover a lot of topics and areas which are bearing a lot of positives.

“We cover various topics among them marriage counselling, teenage counselling, family counselling, love dialogue, premarital counselling and conflict management,” she said.

“We also cover sex therapy where we zero in on sex and disability, sex and old age, sex and illness, sexercising class and many other sex-related issues that have a potential to destroy marriages if not adressed well.”

During a recent session held at Foodnest in the capital under strict adherence to Covid-19 rules, Moyounotsva said it was important that coupes communicate and open up on all issues pertaining to their emotional, physical and sexual needs so that marriages are preserved.

“We have couples that are strangers yet staying under the same roof. Such a sad scenario is not ideal for a healthy marriage,” she said.

“Let’s learn to engage and open up on our needs. An emotionally, physically and sexually satisfied partner won’t see the need for extramarital affairs and for that reason we continue to host these sessions, workshops and outings so that couples can connect better.”

Moyounotsva, whose vision is international, said she was inspired by her biological parents Prophet John and Annah Moyounotsva, who are respected pastors in Zaoga, as well as her spiritual fathers Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti, who are the founders of Zaoga Church.

“My vision is international and I want to take it across all platforms like social media, have a YouTube channel, presence on mainstream media including TV and newspapers as well as hosting other international seminars,” she said.

Moyounotsva also spoke on the pressures that come with the Covid-19-induced lockdown and encouraged couples to continue to engage and communicate well so that relationships and marriages don’t get strained.

“I also have a special message for couples particularly during this Covid-19-induced lockdown. The 30-day national lockdown means couples are spending more time together and for those with no foundation and friendship, things can get out of hand,” she said.

Moyounotsva said they were offering relationship and premarital counselling for lovers so that they get into marriage with a clear perspective and understanding of companionship and marriage.

“Love Talk and Life Coaching Hub is all-encompassing and we also offer relationship as well as premarital counselling for the younger generation,” said Moyounotsva.

“We believe a strong foundation to marriages would result in a greater success rate and we have unique programmes for the younger ones as well.”

With statistics on domestic violence and divorce on the rise, Moyounotsva’s Love Talk and Life Coaching Hub is just what the doctor has ordered and we hope it reaches all corners of Zimbabwe.

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