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US: First remove speck in your eye


When a journalist or opposition figure is arrested in Zimbabwe, American and European non-governmental organisations and diplomatic missions immediately begin to demand their immediate release.

The Zimbabwean government is promptly accused of repression and stifling democracy and freedom of speech.

But what is happening now in the United States itself?

Election loser Donald Trump was not even allowed to initiate an investigation into the transparency of voting and counting.

The former American president and his supporters are being lynched in the media and their social media accounts are blocked.

And it seems that a real witch hunt has begun targeting Trump’s supporters.

So recently, one of the participants in the storming of the Capitol, a Trump’s supporter Christopher Stanton Georgia, was found killed in the basement of his own house.

Police found 53-year-old Georgia dead from a gunshot wound to his chest inside his home on January 9.

After an investigation, the medical examiner said the cause of death was believed to be a suicide.

But Georgia had no motive for suicide.

He was a typical bank clerk, living in a typical American home with his wife and daughters.

His neighbour, Jace Carreras, described him as a “loving father” who “always had a smile and loved cutting his own grass.”

Ellen Burbage, whose daughter Lisa was once married to Georgia for less than a year, said he did not come off as political when they knew him.

On January 6, Georgia was detained at the Capitol.

He was arrested and charged with attempting to “enter the United States Capitol Grounds, against the will of the United States Capitol Police” as well as violating the city-wide curfew, court documents said.

Georgia faced a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and/or up to 180 days in jail.

However, the media slipped information that he had photographed the destroyed office of the speaker of the Congress Nancy Pelosi and either rummaged in her laptop, or stole it.

Many Trump’s supporters doubt that Georgia committed suicide and attribute it to the contract killing by Democrats.

But even if Georgia did commit suicide, that also shows the real brutal face of the American regime.

How horribly was he intimidated if he would prefer suicide to a meager fine or a prison term?

Georgia is the sixth person reported dead since Tramp’s supporters – Make America Great Again (MAGA) fans – broke into the Capitol building to try to stop Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The Trump’s supporters who died have been identified as Ashli Babbitt (35), Roseanne Boyland (34), Kevin Greeson (55), and Benjamin Phillips, (50).

Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

It is also strange that policeman Howard Liebengood, who was on duty in the Capitol on January 6 during the assault, also committed suicide at almost the same time as Georgia.

Doubts about the voluntary nature of their death arise in America due to the amazing spread of extrajudicial killings in the country.

Political activists, journalists, writers die here all the time. But every time the media described these mortality as a suicide or a banal criminal.

Everyone has already forgotten the mysterious death in a prison cell of Jeffrey Edward Epstein – a multimillionaire who possessed compromising evidence on almost all representatives of the elites of Britain and the United States.

What to talk about not until now disclosed the killing of Seth Rich, a 27-year-old employee of the Democratic Party National Committee, suspected in fact, that he gave information to the WikiLeaks about intrigues of Hillary Clinton?

During the previous election campaign, it was also hot in the United States

. In 2016, several people died at once, who could cause discontent in the Clinton clan.

In June, an Antiguan diplomat and politician, the president of the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th session John William Ashe “accidentally” dropped a barbell on his neck.

He was found dead at his home.

The medical examiner‘s office reported that Ashe died of injuries suffered when a barbell he was lifting from a bench dropped on his neck.

 Rumour has it that John William Ashe was supposed to testify in court against a Chinese oligarch, who was transporting millions of dollars in cash as a gift to Hillary Clinton.

It has still not determined a cause of death in August for Shawn Lucas, the 38-year old process server who delivered the class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and its then Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

At the same time, journalist Victor Thorn, author of critical books about the Clintons, was found shot dead.

Today, Americans expect an even greater increase in violence and murders, only on a larger scale.

The fact is that the Democrats got victory at all levels by openly promising reprisals for everyone who ever supported Trump.

Thomas Geoghegan, columnist for The Washington Post compares Trumpists to the Ku Klux Klan and encourages them to be judged in accordance with the Klan Act devised in 1871 to counter civil unrest during Reconstruction.

Social networks circulates video, in which an attorney for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Michael Beller expresses support for re-education camps Trump’s supporters and likening Trump to the Nazi fascist dictator Adolf Hitler.

The City of Detroit filed a motion for sanctions and requesting the court to refer the seven attorneys — including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood — to their local bars for disciplinary action for   talking  about the large-scale fraud in the last presidential elections.

Sadly known firm Dominion Voting Systems, whose equipment counted the voices of electors entirely in favour of the Democrats, filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Powell, seeking at least $1.3 billion for Powell’s “wild accusations” that the company rigged the presidential election for Joe Biden.

It is high time for Western advocates to recognise former Trump as a victim of political repression.

His social media accounts have been blocked and bank accounts closed.

MAGA fans have also been gagged.

Hundreds of thousands of them are blocked on social networks.

They are fiercely scolded on newspaper pages and on TV. And their mouths were literally shut, not allowing them to speak.

There are very little chances that all this hysteria will come down.

On January 6, three to four million Trumpists gathered in Washington.

Across the country, Republicans and Trump are supported by tens of millions – along with their families, this is a significant part of the country’s population.

Democrats perfectly see that the majority of the American people do not support them.

At the same time, in the eyes of many Americans the Democrats themselves represent an aggressive, hysterical minority that is trying to impose its extremely exotic ideology on the whole country and the entire world.

That is why Democrats need to intimidate the Trumpists so that they do not even dare to think about protests.

So, we should forget about the freedom of speech in the United States for the near future.

All American Democrats’ machine works on the approval of the victory of 46th US President Joe Biden, no matter how dubious this victory was, and on the persecution and plugging the mouths of Trump’s supporters.

As for democracy, this word remained in US only in the name of the Democratic Party now absolutely ruling in the United States under the leadership of Joe Biden.

And by the efforts of the new American administration the very concept of “democracy”, which in Latin means “the rule of the people” is being transformed into the concept of “the rule of minorities”, that is “the rule of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders”.

Indeed, according to Biden’s views, it was they who “suffered the most”, which means that now they must receive privileges and power.

First, power in the United States, and then throughout the whole world.

This is the very sense of Biden’s democracy.

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