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Invest in supermarkets before it’s too late

The recent pandemic brought revolutionizing alterations to everyday operations. Individuals and corporations both have faced quite challenges equally. And with this exposure to the Covid-19, it became quite difficult for the industries to cope up and satisfy the increased online demand of consumers. Certain industries like grocery stores were the only few that noticed a sudden increase in buyers. Everyday products ranging from tissue papers to soaps were high in demand. Therefore, to meet the consumer’s increased demands; owners of the local grocery stores went to extreme measures.

Understanding the basic economy, the increased demand resulted in skyrocketing prices. Those owners who forecasted this sudden increase filled their warehouses and as a result, earned millions of dollars. These profit trends gained a lot of investor’s attention. Observing the high-profit margins, the investors realized that the stocks of certain grocery brands are the best investments these days. Naming these stocks as the defensive ones, financial investors realized that these were among the best shares to buy now. Hence, this article elaborates on some of the best grocery store stocks that can earn you a fortune.

Leading retailers are struggling to restock following days of panic buying during the better part of last week. Pic: Shepherd Tozvireva


This American based retail company is on the rise with a noticeable 50% increase in the earnings as recorded in the last year. Although despite these exciting results, the overall share price not moved so much as gained an average investor’s concern. However, now with these earnings, the company which already has almost 3000 supermarkets to its name, is focusing on expanding the business model. This can prove a great investment opportunity. The company already has several departmental stores, pharmacy stores, and fuel centers. The company operates its processing plants that produce private label products.

Certain public places are still closed across the country including restaurants. This means that people will still be focusing on cooking at home and for such activity, they will be shopping for consumable products such as meats and dairy products. All of this means that Kroger’s private label products will still be in demand. As a result, the sales will remain elevated that can increase the per stock price.


Making its debut last summer, Albertson’s stock picked up speed after a remarkable increase in sales (13%). With this noticeable increase in sales, the net income doubled over the last year. Across 34 states, more than 2000 stores are available.

Similar to Kroger, Albertson’s business model is also inclined towards the selling of in-house products. Privately owned production plants are providing more than 500 categories of different products. This immense business model represents a 14 billion dollar industry. As the products are mostly produced in-house, the consistent availability and lower cost retain the overall consumer ratio. Also, these high-quality products attract new customers that ultimately assist in increasing overall sales.

With more than 12000 SKU (stock-keeping units), Albertson’s privately produced frozen pizza is quite famous across the country. But what makes the Albertsons hold the top 2 positions across 70% of U.S towns. The answer is innovativeness. This American grocery company is constantly trying out innovative things that are also environmentally friendly. With the introduction of automated Kiosks, Albertson’s are providing motorized temperature-controlled grocery delivery services in these recent pandemic days.

The bottom line:

We are still unclear about when this pandemic is going to end. The recent economic conditions and circumstances somehow predict that we will have to live with the pandemic forever. This anticipates that the grocery stores still are and will be among the wanted industries. Therefore, investing in one can be quite fruitful.

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