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ZCDC ups the ante in food security

The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (Pvt) Ltd (ZCDC) has upped gear to improve food security in the Marange, Bocha and Arda-Transau communities, Manicaland province, providing agricultural equipment and inputs as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility projects.

Recently, ZCDC provided a tractor to the Bocha Diamond Community Trust to till three hectares of arable land earmarked for an irrigation project meant to empower the Trust and Bocha ward 29 community.

ZCDC’s support followed the construction of a huge community dam by the Bocha Diamond Community Trust near Mount Makate, about a kilometre to the north-east of Betera business centre.

The dam is helping in providing water for their livestock and enhancing sustainable irrigation schemes.

The land, which lies on a flat geographical space and has a history of being cultivated, is expected to be put under tillage to commercially produce beans.

Moses Mukwada, the executive director of the Bocha Diamond Trust, said: “We shall use irrigation pipes to water the project…you have taken an important part in helping to create sustainable employment for the community in ward 29.”

The diamond company has also supported the traditional leaders’ community-based food security scheme, otherwise known as Zunde Ramambo, through the provision of inputs such as maize seed and fertiliser to cover at least a hectare.

This concept was established to produce food for the vulnerable in the community and create employment as well as increase food production.

So far, the support has benefited Chiefs Marange, Zimunya, Chikukwa and Ngorima, headmen Chiadzwa, Chipindirwe and Mukwada.

Chief Marange said: “I was given the agriculture inputs by ZCDC including maize seed and fertiliser and I am so grateful. If anybody has any doubt, they can come and see what ZCDC has done for me.”

An elated Chief Zimunya had this to say: “The whole province is admiring and emulating me. ZCDC support was excellent and I am at a loss for words. This is so amazing.”

Horticultural groups have also set up in Chiadzwa, Mukwada and Chipindirwe areas.

At Arda-Transau, where villagers who had been living in the Chiadzwa mining concessions were relocated, ZCDC has assisted with the purchase of start-up sorghum seed for the Delta Corporation Market during the 2019/20 agriculture season.

ZCDC spokesperson Sugar Chagonda said: “The farmers successfully supplied produce to the company and realised income from the project. These farmers are now registered under Delta Corporation’s database and will receive production inputs for future agriculture seasons from Delta.”

He added: “Forty-two more farmers from Arda-Transau have also registered their interest to participate in the programme. Experience from the first batch of farmers has proved that the enterprise is a low-cost, but high-value and profitable enterprise.”

ZCDC has vowed to continue with its social corporate responsibility projects with a view to galvanising the community and contribute meaningfully towards national economic empowerment.

This article was written by ZCDC’s PR&CD Department

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