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Apostle Daniels reaches out to youths


POPULAR Mutare preacher Apostle Joe Daniels says he is driven by passion for love as he continues to spread his philanthropic work after setting up a recording studio, Joe Vibes, in the eastern border city targeting disadvantaged youths.

Daniels, of Gateway Church, who has been doing his work quietly across the country, last week caught up with the Standard Style in the eastern border city.

Through the Joe Daniels Foundation, the preacher-cum-businessman has been paying fees to some schoolchildren and universities students, among others.

“l am not just an apostle, but l am also an entrepreneur and a businessperson. l know the youths are greatly affected in these times, so l created a platform in the form of a recording  studio. So  l am trying  to reach out to them (youths) so that they can record for free and expose themselves to the world,” he said

“Through the Joe Daniels Foundation, we have been paying fees to schoolchildren and university students and we have been giving food to old people around the country.”

Daniels also spoke about church business.

“The gifts and callings of God are by election. By grace, l was chosen by God before l was even formed in my mother’s womb just like Jeremiah,” he said

“I realised my assignment from God in 2004 when l was at high school. That’s when l realised that God had a special appointment and assignment for me and that’s when l began to discover that there was a call of God, there a gift of God inside me  to reach out to people.

“When it comes to prophecy, it comes to complement the gospel, but the main and major assignment God gave me is to preach the Word and reach out to the people.”

“As an apostle, my strength is my weakness and my weakness is love for people. The Bible says you cannot claim to love God while you don’t love people you see every day.”

“l have intense love for people, that is my strength. My strength is love, at the same time it is my weakness because not everyone appreciates the love you give them. You get betrayed, attacked, ill-treated basically on the weakness of love but you just find a situation where you continue to love them. This is the  reason why l say it’s my weakness.”

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