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GMF Enterprises brings unparalleled beauty into home, office spaces


There is a certain attraction about passion and excellence that can make a difference even when the odds are highly staked against you. It is this undying and unwavering commitment to dreams and excellence that has made GMF Enterprises a brand worth noticing in the dog-eat-dog home improvements, renovations and shop fittings business.

For a fairly young brand that has only been in the game for three years, GMF Enterprises is fast carving an indelible niche with its attention to detail and unparalleled workmanship thanks to its visionary founder and MD Tafadzwa Masuku [32], who believes the brand is here to stay and making jaw-dropping business moves in the process.

“I am a highly motivated and confident go-getter who believes no amount of setbacks can thwart my progress. GMF Enterprises for me is not just another venture, it’s my life and I always make sure that every business opportunity I get is a signature effort. We are bringing unparalleled beauty into home and office spaces and we are just not stopping,” he said.

“We are in this industry to own it and I am happy that the market is fast warming up to our quality work in home improvements, renovations and shop fittings. We are fast becoming the go-to company for all home and office space improvements and fittings and our business pedigree is getting due recognition.”

According to the GMF Enterprises boss, home improvements is a whole new area that focuses on additions to existing structures with a view to add beauty and value to structures.

“Home improvement is separate from construction and interior décor especially in the American line of business. With this service, we make some additions like walls and so forth to an existing structure, while with renovations there is no addition but some work around beautifying the existing structure,” Masuku said.

“Our home improvements cover fitted kitchens, built-in cupboards, ceilings particularly the suspended ceiling which is my favourite, as well as tiling and painting only. We, however, focus mainly on the interiors, not exterior, and this has made us specialists of some sort. We are also a highly-sought-after shop fittings service provider and most business owners particularly in the fashion and beauty industry trust our workmanship and the results are there for all.”

Masuku, who started his GMF Enterprises in 2017, said his company was on a steady rise and he was happy to be operating legally with full compliance to set government statutes.

“Because we are not some fly- by-night venture, we have done well to regularise our papers with full compliance to government tax regulations and it just feels good being a legit business player. We only started in 2017, but the future looks bright,” he said.

While some companies in the same line of business provide piecemeal solutions, GMF Enterprises is a one-stop shop for interiors and has gained the confidence of the market thanks to its workmanship.

“Most companies cover fitted kitchens and cupboards and some ceilings only, while the general construction companies focus on structures and services like painting only,” Masuku said.

“GMF, however, has an edge in that it covers all improvements, renovations and home fittings which ensure the client gets a good finish in terms of workmanship. You are guaranteed of a full makeover which leaves the whole room with a beautiful aura. We don’t do everything, but focus on quality finishing to the interiors.”

Masuku also highlighted that his services also help client retain and enhance the market value of their properties.

“With our services, you can increase the value of a property by a simple renovation. Say you buy a dilapidated house in an area like Hatfield for US$80 000, with as simple as a US$5 000 renovation, it can drastically shoot up to double the price. We also encourage staging which allows the value to increase even for those in real estate,” he said.

“It is no secret that every woman loves a beautiful kitchen and every guy loves a guy cave in the form of fitted bar and other related extras in the home.  A beautiful home allows for innovation because when you renovate, you innovate. What we are doing is an amazing concept that will bring a boom to the property home renovations business.”

The GMF boss also highlighted that he is focusing on having his brand joining the big league through amazing innovation in the property and home renovations industry.

“We are bringing the ‘A’ game into this sector. As compared to buying properties and renting them out, we will be value-adding through our home renovations investment,” he said.

“The extras we bring like tiling, ceiling and so forth all bring the happy feeling in the home. Home is the place you go home to after a long day. That green lawn, fresh pool and the nice finishing all brings you joy.  I am therefore encouraged by the happy mood we bring to clients after every job. The smiles and photo moment motivate us and it’s not even expensive with GMF unlike is the case in countries like America where real estate and home improvements is on the high.”

The young entrepreneur, who went through Prince Edward High School before enrolling for a banking diploma, worked briefly in the banking sector, but he had to quit in pursuit of a Development Studies degree with Bindura University given his then dream to work in big institutions like IMF and World Bank.

The GMF boss’s entrepreneurial spirit started at Bindura University where he would print T-shirts with a heat press, then went into vinyl printing. He even owned a car and had three employees of his own given the high turnover from clients who needed his T-shirt printing business ranging from Valentines’ Day treats, church unions members T-shirts and so forth.

“My sister actually bought me that heat press machine and it’s at Bindura University that I learnt the entrepreneurship ropes. I even paid all expenses for my visa to pursue an MBA in China, but I didn’t get to complete my studies in China, as I he ended up working for five years,” Masuku said.

“I then came back to Zimbabwe and worked for Sino-Zim as an interpreter given my fluency in Chinese before joining ZTE as one of the youngest sales and marketing manages.

“Though it was a perfect job with a big office, personal driver, company house and car, I had big dreams of my own that made me see the value of running my own enterprise, hence GMF Enterprises was born,” he said.

Three years into GMF Enterprises, Masuku is seeing the fruits of his people-centred passion. He is changing lives and bringing the beauty into every household and office space. The market is responding positively and he believes he has a whole world to conquer.

“I am grateful to God for discovering my passion and following my dreams. As young people, we must not be too comfortable in a job position because you can get fired anytime, let’s always have a plan B so that we don’t live to regret our lack of initiative,” he said.

“Let us be confident of ourselves and we must walk with a spring in our legs even without money in the pocket. We must keep our heads-up and believe in ourselves. Don’t confuse confidence with pride. Don’t ever let anyone look down upon you because confidence will take you far.”

The GMF Enterprises, MD also shared on his dream to make his brand a regional powerhouse, introduce malls and skyscrapers in Zimbabwe and Africa and also thanked government for the legal space to young black entrepreneurs.

“As GMF Enterprises, we want to be a regional powerhouse. I have recently travelled to Zambia and Botswana and have seen the potential there. There is so much potential for our business and we will be introducing branches there,” he said.

“My dream is to introduce skyscrapers in Africa. We must forget cluster houses and go up to utilise more space. We also need proper malls in Zimbabwe and Africa and I believe we have the capacity to do this. Last but not least, I also thank our government for making it easier for young black people to register companies, which has given a rise in black entrepreneurship.”

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