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Hands off the girl child, Holy Ten sings

By Kennedy Nyavaya

It seems award-winning rapper Holy Ten, real name Mukudzei Chitsama, is dedicating his talent to fighting predatory tendencies where men take advantage of underprivileged girls in the country.

In his latest song titled Ma Chills, which he released on Friday, the 22-year-old wittily calls out men who use their economic muscle to lure girls into immoral conduct and subsequent abuse.

“Me and my fellow brothers are abusing the girl child, we know if she’s on the booze then she’s going to act wild,” he sings in one of the verses.

While he also takes the blame for the errant behaviour and pledges to repent, Holy Ten has opened a can of worms about some of the most rampant societal ills in modern-day Zimbabwe, that include abuse of intoxicants and forced prostitution.

His latest track, with visuals that had amassed more than 60 000 views on YouTube by midday yesterday, has been trending and has led to a handful of young people having tough conversations about debauchery and its destructive consequences.

This is not the first time that Holy Ten, a self-proclaimed “leader of the youth” and “speaker of the truth”, has sparked tough talk about rot in society.

Last year he released Ndaremerwa, a depiction of how local youths are falling into drug abuse as a result of the socio-economic crisis in the country.

In what exposes his soft spot for the girl child, Holy Ten also penned Amai and Kumba Kune Vanhu where he laid bare the struggles that lead young girls into sex work.

Since he effectively announced his presence on the local music scene last year, he has proven to have a knack of using his imposing voice and slick wordplay to channel a narrative of change.

One only hopes the messages Holy Ten is sending are reaching intended audiences and changing lives for the better aside from invoking mixed emotions among music lovers.

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