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Republicans fighting a life-and-death struggle!


Democracies work better only when both opposition and ruling parties are made of the same cloth, one can count up to six while the other can count up to half a dozen.

Because former US president Donald Trump wanted to make radical changes, the Democrats have reacted in a burn-and-slash manner, so much that Republicans are in a death-and -life struggle with only a two-year window of opportunity left to turn things around.

I will share with you some of the latest thinking from John Zmuluk, a mighty scholar whose clarity is unparalleled.

The influx of Latin American immigrants across the Texas and California border has created an emotional divide among Americans. Democrats and their allies favour an open-door policy. These allies include the powerful Roman Catholic Bishops Conference, which bases its policy on this Biblical injunction.

“Ye shall not oppress the stranger in your midst for ye were strangers in Egypt” (Exodus 22: 21).

Zmuluk says that there are other reasons. Like all the liberal churches in the US, the Catholic Church has suffered serious loss of membership during the last 40 years, as its members adopt secularism and a European nonchalant attitude towards life. In any case, most employments no longer recognise Saturday and Sundays as days of rest.

Catholics have suffered a double-pronged attack, the ever-relentless attack by gay rights fighters against what they believe were abuses of minors in the care of the church going back 50 years and the resultant diminution of their 6 000 K-12 schools.

Today they have less than 600 elite schools. Zmuluk says that Latino migration has filled in the gap in membership by almost 25%, making one in four Catholics today foreign-born.

But immigrants, where they do not assimilate, keep their Spanish language, extended family traditions and religion is comparable to the German barbarian influx into the Roman Empire. The key is in failure to assimilate.

Democrats pander to this situation, have allowed Spanish as a second language both officially and in schools. Republicans, who are seized by lack of assimilation, are declared racists.

Associated with this is the sheer numbers. As we speak, six states, the largest of which are Florida, California and Texas, have a Hispanic population near 50%.

The next argument is that since Latino Catholics generally have an average of six-child families, they benefit the most from welfare programmes. With their numbers nearing 45 million out of 330 million, and they forming a solid Democratic base, together with African Americans, 35 million, numbers are against Republicans.

Trade unionists in the once powerful American Federation of Labour (AMFL) and their sister teachers’ unions found a new calling in an ever-expanding welfare budget as society disintegrates. Together with big business, they allowed cheap labour, while exporting high tech skills to China and India.

Their influence and power grows exponentially when they can assure their members of a share in welfare benefits.

Republicans are their enemies. They want to exclude unverified labour practices and keep industries in the US, bringing back America to pre-1965 manufacturing level.

I had to take a rest at this point.

Imagine a sincerely crafted welfare law to support “Women with Dependent Children, 1969”. Nobody with a heart can be opposed to such a law. The result has been disastrous. Black women, in particular, finding that a cheque from the US government is more reliable than the on-and-off meagre  earnings of a high school dropout, have obeyed the law faithfully.

If there is evidence that a grown up male partner lives there (a hat or a pair of trousers), the cheque is cut off.

Please pause for a moment. In 1965, 80% of African American families were headed by mother and father. One could phone home if Johnnie was bad at school and somebody with enough authority to scare the hell out of Johnnie was there.

Today 80% of black families are single mother-headed.

Please pause.

This makes the government unions very powerful and wealthy. They administer billions of funds, act the policeman to see if there are men in “single family households” and their budgets increase very year.

The Democrats love this. When Trump came to power 10 million workers formerly on welfare were removed as they found jobs in new industries.

This decreases the power of the government trade unions.

Zmuluk, a Catholic, touches on a sensitive issue. When former president Barack Obama came to power, he found Catholic Relief to be one of the most efficient and experienced. Refugee contracts were awarded.

When Trump stopped the cross-over on the Mexican border, relief contracts were devastated.

Make your own conclusion.

As we speak, President Joe Biden has set aside US$88 million for hotel accommodation for migrant chidren.

Using the same line of argument, I came to the conclusion that jailhouses are good for Democrats. One third  of the inmates are black or 40% of the black youths. That shows that US society is systemically racist. Further, I was surprised to find that jailhouse contractors employ shrinks (n’anga) who study child behaviour at Grade Four level. They are able to calculate, from the number of recalcitrants, how many square feet of jailhouses will be needed in eight years’, time when the scholars reach age 18.

Texas jailhouse bonds are paying an average of 5% per year, which is way above a savings certificate interest rate at .0028 percent.

Buy Jailhouse Bonds!

Freedom of the press.

It came to me as a surprise that the news cycle has been almost without incident since January 21. The reason is that the press corps has been told by an invisible hand what not to publish. There has been a total blackout of Trump news.

Blackout of contrary news (or persons) is used in communist countries and was used in apartheid South Africa with great effect.

There is only one way out. Democrats have a slim majority in the lower House of 219 while Republicans have 211 members. Democrats are trying to expel two Republicans, one won her seat by six votes. In the US Senate, Democrats and Republicans each have 50 seats. If Republicans fail to flip one of the two houses, the incremental effect of these measures will eventually wear down on them into a permanent minority party.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be reached at mufukaken@gmail.com. His books are sold in Zimbabwe at INNOV8 Bookshops.

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