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City shebeen murder irks police


A Bulawayo man, who operates a shebeen,  is in trouble after one of his patrons was killed by a rival suitor at his premises.

Bulawayo  provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said the now-deceased Nkosana Chipembera (34) was drinking beer at a sheeben operated by a man only identified as Sibanda in Emganwini when he was attacked by a certain Vincent.

“On April 19 at around 2am Chipembera  and the assailant, only identified as Vincent, were patrons together in the wee hours of the morning where they had a misunderstanding over a woman they both  claimed to be their  girlfriend and  identified as Thandolwenkosi Nkomo,’’ Ncube said.

“It is alleged that Vincent took an unknown sharp object and stabbed Chipembera once below the armpit and he collapsed.

“He was pronounced dead on the arrival of an ambulance.”

Ncube said Chipembera’s  body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a postmortem.

He said Sibanda is accused of “providing circumstances and conditions that led to the loss of life”.

Ncube lamented the behaviour of people, who continue to operate shebeens which are a threat to human lives.

“It is pathetic that a man aged 53 years, a resident who always hears our campaigns, deliberately, illegally and willingly operated a shebeen where a life has been lost,” he said.

“As it stands. Sibanda  is accused of  providing circumstantial conditions that led to the loss of life.”

Emganwini residents say Vincent was allegedly seen days  before the stabbing incident sharpening his weapon which he allegedly used on the fateful day.

On Friday police threatened to clamp down on owners of beer outlets that continue to violate Covid-19 lockdown regulations by selling alcohol at their premises.

Shebeens remain illegal in Zimbabwe, but they have become popular drinking spots after the government shut down bars and night clubs last year to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

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