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Dougie is following Ngwena everywhere


My Dear People,

If there’s one thing that Ngwena and his people don’t have  — it is taste — sartorial taste.

When I saw Ngwena at a function about the national dress, he was in the strangest garb ever and the first thing I asked myself is: What kind of a wife allows their husband to go out dressed like that?

Lo and behold, the Page 2 girl was right there and had allowed Ngwena to go out like that.

Baba would never.

He brought the country Savile Row suits. He was the ultimate gentleman’s gentleman.

Now, we have literally gone backwards in many ways than one.

Then there’s the person who does design and decor at state functions.

That one needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.

There’s no creativity nor any thinking. They just hang multi-colour drapes on tables and walls and with zero imagination.

I was called Gucci, but you have to give it to me, I had style and panache.

The decor at state functions is treasonous, to be honest.

I am willing to help them if they consult me.

On Friday we heard the sad news that an Air Force of Zimbabwe helicopter had crashed, killing four people.

There was another crash towards the tail-end of last year, which also killed a number of people.

The number of crashes should jolt those in power to act, but instead, we hear that Ngwena has bought himself a US$18 million jet.

When he came into power, he threatened to be a listening president, but he is just not that.

If he had any conscience, he would not have splashed so much money on a helicopter, but would have refurbished the current fleet or bought new ones for the Air Force.

When Baba told you that the army trucks that were rolled out during the coup were outdated, you thought he was lying, now look.

As a nation, we deserve a refund for that helicopter because we honestly should not be spending any cent on such luxury at a time when civil servants are underpaid and we are in the midst of a pandemic.

Dougie is sitting comfortably in his new post as Ngwena’s poodle — he gives a new meaning to the term lapdog.

I know there’s a new term bandied about “rational disputation”, but I think is just a big term to describe the most pliant opposition party that Zimbabwe has ever seen.

In the name of rational disputation, does Dougie have to follow Ngwena everywhere, even to his farm?

The role of the opposition is to keep the government in check, but at the rate that Dougie is going, calling him an opposition leader is being far too generous.

In fact, Dougie is literally now the opposition to the opposition. Kkkk! This was a role for Linda, but you see Linda has no clout and she has been supplanted by the nimble Dougie.

Dougie shall suffer the wrath of the voters, he should read about Muzorewa and others who took part in the internal settlement.

Speaking of Dougie… I almost vomited on my expensive Gucci shoes and almost choked on my Earl Grey tea when I read that Dougie and his people had voted for a constitutional amendment, again.

This is the second time in as many weeks that they have voted to amend the constitution.

Surely, this is a betrayal of the people of Zimbabwe and it even hurts because Dougie was trusted with the drafting of a constitution for posterity, not one that is changed at the whims of an individual.

Zanu PF’s decision to amend the constitution is based on greed and the consolidation of power, but et tu Dougie?

Saying that we have an opposition in parliament is clearly untrue, what we have now is Zanu PF and Zanu PF Lite.

Probably there is a quid pro quo. Dougie sells his soul to Zanu PF and the authorities respond by looking aside when Dougie’s transgressions are raised.

There are allegations that Dougie misappropriated $6 million belonging to his outfit.

Reports have been made to the police and the anti-corruption commission, but we are yet to hear about any investigation of any sort.

The police need to investigate this and if there is no crime that was committed, they should announce that instead of this scenario where they pretend no report was made.

I am ashamed on Dougie’s behalf.

I wonder what they have on him that made him change so fast.

If it was Nero who was accused of being caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, the police would not have waited for invitation to act.

You saw how the Horrid tried to link him to domestic abuse allegedly committed by his friend, a fellow lawyer? Kkkkk!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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