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Call to empower locals

By Staff Reporter

Opposition Democratic Party  leader Harry Peter Wilson has urged government to implement policies that will see private players managing to invest locally.

Wilson, a losing 2018 presidential elections candidate, believes private players have a huge role to play in the development of any country.

This also comes at a time government recently overhauled the indigenisation and empowerment policy and replaced it with a fine-tuned one largely seen by many as Zanu PF’s campaign strategy ahead of the 2023 elections.

“The problem with our government is they come up with policies that suit them and not the generality of the population,” Wilson said.

“You would realise that this new indigenisation policy will only benefit a few people.”

He said it benefit a few peoplewas unfortunate that such sectors as mining, agriculture, infrastructure development and manufacturing in the country were dominated by those in the ruling party or those connected to it.

“The challenge we have in Zimbabwe is that our policies are selective, they are not inclusive,” Wilson added.

“You get what you want depending on where you come from, which is bad.

“The government should simply allow the private sector to blossom.

“There are individuals, who have the means and the capacity to develop infrastructure here, but they don’t get approved during tendering.

“So at the end of the day companies or individuals who don’t qualify who don’t have the capacity end up being given the tenders.

“ Look at our road network, it’s in bad shape, but the tenders are only given to Zanu PF-linked people and that is why you see a 20km stretch (of road) will take 20 years to complete the rehabilitation.”

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