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Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt)Ltd

Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd (NRE) was set up in 2007 to design, build and operate renewable energy projects dedicated to the generation and sale of electricity to the single offtaker, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (Pvt) Ltd (ZETDC)

NRE is one of the first Independent Power Producer companies to operate in Zimbabwe with the raison d’être of generating and selling electricity to ZETDC.

By 2019 some 32MW of run-of-river mini hydroelectric and solar generation capacity has been constructed.

These include: • 1,100kW scheme on Nyamingura River (commissioned in 2010)

  • 2,725kW scheme on the Nyamombe River (commissioned in 2012)
  • 2,200kW scheme on the Duru River (commissioned in 2013)
  • 15,000kW scheme on the Pungwe River (commissioned in 2015)
  • 3,750kW scheme on the Chiteme River (commissioned in 2016)
  • 2,300kW scheme on the Ngarura River (commissioned in 2017)
  • 2,500kW solar PV plant in Mutoko (commissioned 2018)
  • 2,100kW scheme on the Tsanga River (commissioned 2019)

All the hydro projects are located in the Honde Valley and Nyanga in Manicaland, Eastern Zimbabwe, and have been designed to generate electricity for sale into the National Grid.

Future hydro and solar projects are under consideration locally and regionally.

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