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Alfred Dondo Foundation provides to Mwenezi family


THE Alfred Dondo Foundation (ADF) in partnership with Impala Car Rental last week brought smiles to the Gonamombe family of Bhonora village in Mwenezi after a donation towards the welfare of four mentally and physically challenged children.

The donation handed over to Dzosai Chihota (mother), a widow who is taking care of Richard Muchumaili and the Gonamombe brothers, namely Nhamo, Sheunesu and Rubson, included groceries, toiletries, blankets and a wheelchair.

The quartet have difficulties in standing and walking as a result of their bow legs and curved spine conditions that result in them crawling if they are to move.

They also have listening and speaking difficulties prompting their mother to use sign language for communication.

“Things were much better when my husband was alive because I had a partner who helped me to take care of them (children), but since he passed away in 2019, I am on my own. I am now having a difficult life surviving from handouts from well-wishers and everywhere I go, I am a subject of ridicule because of the condition of my children,” she said.

“They require a lot of attention and this forces me to be always at home because the moment I leave, they may be in danger. No one wants their children to associate with mine, but I have come to accept my situation with my children.”

Chihota thanked Alfred Dondo Foundation and Impala Car Rental for the gesture.

“I am grateful to God for such a timely donation that will go a long way in helping us as things were not looking good for us. I thank  the Alfred Dondo Foundation and Impala Car Rental for remembering us in such difficult times driving from Harare to Mwenezi with their donation,” she said.

“We have some well-wishers who have continued to render their helping hand, I am really grateful. At the moment clothes and soap are of major need as with this weather they want something warm and I bathe them regularly for them to be presentable considering their condition.”

Impala Group brand manager Tracy Ngoma said they responded to the plight of the Gonamombe family as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes.

“We learnt of the plight of the Gonamombe family from television and we were so touched and together with the Alfred Dondo Foundation we decided to share the little we have with them,” she said.

“It is one of our core values as a company to support the needy in our surrounding communities carrying over the legacy of our late chief executive officer Thompson Dondo who was the major financier of the Alfred Dondo Foundation. We hope more people will be touched and moved to help her as well.”

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