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Stone leaves Family Voices Gospel for solo project


One of Bulawayo’s gospel acapella group Family Voices member — Ronald Stone (pictured right) has left the group to pursue a solo project, Standard Style has learnt.

Stone, who was in the group for 13 years and known for singing baritone tenor, said he officially left the group in December 2019 with the solo career idea coming later on in 2020.

“I left because I needed to grow. I just felt a different path was necessary,” he told Standard Style.

Stone is working on his debut Afro-soul/pop album and so far has released two singles.

“I was with the group from August 2006 to December 2019, which is a little over 13 years. Initially, I sang baritone, then with time grew into second and first tenors. I also did a decent amount of leads in the group too,” he said.

“My first album is almost done. I have released two singles that will be on the album ultimately. It’s an Afro-soul/pop album that goes through ‘my version’ of a relationship’s full circle.

“Prospectively, it should be ready for release by end of August. The team I’m working with is super awesome and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

Asked about his plans for 2021 in terms of marketing himself, Stone said: “So far, I have not received  the kind of traction that I hoped for. I  hope that as things start to normalise in the social scene,the numbers will also improve and I will get many opportunities to share this music with the world.”

The singer said he has been doing some features and projects in the gospel circles and hopes to also release a gospel EP by end of year.

“2021 hopefully will be fully booked with gigs and performances across the board. I am also hopeful that the music I make will make the impact I desire,” Stone said.

“Hopefully marketing will blow up as I believe that the corporate world will play a part in promoting and ensuring artistic growth and sustainability.”

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