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Difference Between Bitcoin Signals and Crypto Signals

Well bitcoin signals are also crypto signals, but these are usually used for bitcoin trading so that’s why it is called bitcoin signal. People think crypto signals can also be used for bitcoin trading. Well this is somehow true but not completely. As we know bitcoin is the most expensive and oldest crypto currency in the world. So it’s trading is not easy and not typical like other cryptocurrencies. So that’s why there are separate bitcoin signals for trading in bitcoin. Like crypto signals the bitcoin signals are also generated by the experts, but bitcoin signals generation is not the work for every expert.

As I mentioned above, bitcoin trading is more sensitive than other crypto tradings. So for this extra level of research and analysis required. In my whole crypto career I have never seen this kind of fluctuation in any coin that I have noticed in bitcoin. So the basics of the bitcoin crypto signals are the same as the crypto signals. Such as in the bitcoin signals you also need main important things. When to buy and sell bitcoin, at what price you need to buy and sell, how to apply stop loss on bitcoin trading.

There are many differences between crypto signals and bitcoins signals.  These differences will make it clear that bitcoin signals are separate from other crypto signals. So let’s take a look below.

1. Main Components of the Signal

As we know in the crypto signals we have to make sure of the four main components such as which coin we have to buy or sell, when to buy and sell, at what price we need to buy and sell, and how to apply the stop loss. But in the bitcoin signals we do not need to choose the coin, because we are already focused on the one coin which is bitcoin, so we can say in the bitcoin signals we are dealing with the only three main components. So this is a good thing in the bitcoin signal we do not need to think in different coins.

2. Dependency

The bitcoin signals strategy is totally different from crypto signals. The analysis and research process are different in the bitcoin signal generation. So it is wrong to say one’s signal can apply to bitcoin trading. The best thing about the bitcoin signal is that you can also implement the bitcoin signal strategies on the crypto trading signals. The reason is very clear: the analysis process of the bitcoin signal is comprehensive. So if we apply this on other crypto tradings we can gain better results. But let me clear one thing: you can’t implement the usual crypto signal strategies on bitcoin. If you do, you are playing a high risk.

3. Efforts Level

If we compare the bitcoin signal and crypto signal efforts there is a huge difference. Research and analysis processes are required for both, but for the bitcoin signals there is an extra level of effort needed. The experts spent weeks and months only on the research and analysis of the bitcoin market. The market of bitcoin is highly sensitive and fluctuates. Do expats need to be in touch with the market in order to produce the effective and accurate bitcoin signals. So this is wrong to say the bitcoin signal generation is as easy as the generation of the other crypto signals.

4. Subscription Prices

Well this is the only drawback I have seen in the bitcoin signal is the prices. The subscription prices of the bitcoin signal are more expensive than the subscription of the typical crypto signals. I think the efforts applied on the bitcoin signals make it worthy to sell at high prices. You can’t get the bitcoin signals for free, on the other hand you can easily get the crypto signals for free of cost, and there are many channels providing. If someone is offering you free bitcoin signals, then don’t trust, because this is not available for free.


This is the major difference between the crypto signals and bitcoin signals. In my opinion the bitcoin signals are much better than the ordinary crypto signals. The only thing you can like in the crypto signal is you can get them for free, but bitcoin signals are always on the premium subscription. So if you have a high budget to put in the bitcoin trading then you should also set the budget for the bitcoin signal, because if you are a beginner then you should need this for the early profit.


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