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7 Tips On How To Thrift Shop Like A Boss

Thrift shopping is something that is actually gaining more popularity as time passes because of the fact that more people are opening up to the concept of owning pre-loved clothing and for a good enough reason as well. You get quality clothes at a much cheaper price, often these pieces coming at prices that are hard to believe because of the quality and the price. But when it comes to thrift shopping, finding good pieces can take time and will definitely be overwhelming. You could also find a few wholesale liquidation stores that will help you thrift.

So, what are the seven tips on how to thrift shop like a boss?

  1. Make sure that you go to thrift shops early.

A huge number of people tend to thrift during the day, especially when it happens to be sale day because thrift shops tend to restock a lot throughout the day, and the best pieces are sold out by evening. There are also chances of less crowds in the morning, and allows you to do your own thing when there are not many people around during the early mornings. While mornings are the ideal time of the day to thrift and find great products, there are times when I have found amazing products in the evening as well, so it really depends on how much patience and time you are willing to give.

  1. Find your nearest wholesale liquidation stores.

Thrifting from wholesale liquidation stores is one of the great ways to find original products at one of the cheapest rates you can ever find and the quality of the product does not waver. You will be surprised at the quality of the clothing that you get, or any product that you want to thrift from wholesale liquidation stores because most of these wholesale liquidation stores source their products from the original retailer who probably had an overstocked inventory.

  1. Plan first, and make sure that you stick to the plan.

You need to know what exactly are you thrift shopping for because with the amount and the variety of products that are available in thrift shops and not having a clear goal in your mind, is like setting a hungry man free into a shop filled with food because he is going to want to taste it all. Which is why it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for, and make sure that you are focused on the list and the budget in hand. You could also save pictures on your phone of the products you would like to buy or something similar which would make it easier for you to know what exactly you want.

  1. Stick to your budget and if preferable, use cash.

As shady as this sounds, when you use only cash to purchase the items from the thrift shop, you lessen the chances of over spending your money and also reduce the chances of impulsive purchases, which a lot of us do. This will also help us to stay on the budget we have fixed for ourselves and there are higher chances that we would only purchase the products that we actually need than the ones we do not need, because let us face it, the products that are available in thrift shops and wholesale liquidation stores are beautiful and unique in their own right, but whether they will suit us or not is a whole different question all together.

  1. Tailor your products.

A lot of times, many of us end up thrifting clothes that look beautiful on the shelves and hangers, but on us they may not look so good. Which is why you will have to alter the clothes that you thrift in order for them to fit you well.

  1. Make sure you are dressed for thrifting.

A lot of thrift shops have no fitting rooms which means that if you are thrifting for clothes, you will have problems in making sure that it is a good fit because usually thrift shops and wholesale liquidation stores do not offer any form of refund or exchanges. Apart from this, make sure you are also wearing comfortable clothes so that you can even change in the middle of the store if things get complicated. Make sure that you wear shoes that are comfortable and clothing that does not restrict you or the movements you make.

  1. Sell what you want to sell before you buy any product from the thrift shop.

This is one of the best to save your money and make sure that you have space in your closet and house before splurging on the thrift stores. This will also help you in being conscientious of what you are buying and if you need it or not.

Thrifting is an activity that requires all your energy, focus, patience and strength to find what you want and to browse through all the aisles. Shopping from wholesale liquidation stores is also another great way to find quality products at a cheaper rate than the products that are found in the retail stores at its market price. These are the seven tips that will help you thrift shop like a boss and help you save money as well, while finding great products!

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