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Forbes-listed Timburwa inspires generations


He is barely 30, but Shakemore William Timburwa’s influence and business acumen has seen him named amongst some of the most influential people in Zimbabwe and Africa. He boasts of business connections across the globe but his greatest attribute is his humility and knack for assisting others.

In early 2021, Timburwa was named amongst the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ)’s 40 Most Influential Under 40 and he recently capped the feat with a 30 most promising young business people in Africa listing by Forbes.

Such is the pedigree and clout of the young Zimbabwean serial entrepreneur with diverse business interests in alternative energy, mining, real estate and manufacturing sectors.

Timburwa, however, believes it is early days and he will not rest until his influence and business acumen effectively contributes to the attainment of every young Zimbabwean and African’s dream.

“My heart bleeds for Africa and in particular for Zimbabwe,” Timburwa said.

“We have a lot of untapped potential that we need to harness and it is my hope that as I rise, I continue giving myself in service to others.

“The wise posit that each one must teach one and I am sold out to the people development agenda through whatever undertaking I embark on.”

Largely inspired by the likes of Emmanuel Makandiwa, Google founders Larry Page and Sergy Brin, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Strive Masiyiwa, Johann Rupert, Philip Mataranyika, Michael Fowler, Zinona (Zed) Koudounaris, Shingirai Mutasa, Addington Chinake and Dr James Makamba juts to mention a few, Timburwa believes there is a whole world to conquer for all possibility thinkers.

“The future belongs to those who dream and wake up to action their dreams and for as long I have breath, I will never tire in seeking solutions to the challenges that are limiting our growth as a country and continent,” he said.

“This is why my business drive is not limited to one specific sector.

“We have interests in alternative energy, mining, real estate, and manufacturing but we are not resting on our laurels.

“We are undertaking more research on areas to invest in at the same time courting more investors to Zimbabwe.”

“Genuine entrepreneurship is about solving humanitarian problems and the sooner we awaken to that ideal as Zimbabweans and indeed Africa at large the better.

“Let’s explore home-grown solutions to everyday challenges so that together we can make a difference. Genuine success benefits others.”

The inspiring young doer who is a firm believer in the Bible said his thrust is to effectively contribute to the growth of the Zimbabwean economy and empower the marginalised in the process.

“All my businesses are all focused on addressing Zimbabwe and Africa’s major problems and shortcomings so that in doing so we create opportunities particularly for the marginalised communities,” he said.

“I am the founder of Energy Plus, a leading integrated energy company that specialises in Liquefied Petroleum Gas installations and bulk distribution and solar electric design and installation across Africa, but mainly the Sadc region.

“I am also co-founder of PICCO Construction with my long-time friend Rhinos Mautsa.

“PICCO is one of Zimbabwe’s benchmark civil engineering and construction companies providing specialist construction solutions including land developments, infrastructure development, housing development, pipe services, and sanitation.”

According to Timburwa, PICCO Construction was established with an intention to change the real estate and property development outlook in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Their thrust is not only modern high-rise houses to utilise space but also low cost to cater for the low to middle-class families.

The company is also buying equipment to invest hugely in infrastructure development.

“Our thrust with Picco is to not only change but value-add the construction industry so that it attracts value for the Zimbabwean economy while addressing the needs of the marginalised communities,” he said.

“Shelter and property needs must be a thing of the past in Zimbabwe and Africa.”

Timburwa, who is also into mining products services and technology, said his company Parvaim Gold was primed to bring a refreshing yet professional slant to the sector.

“Parvaim Gold is a fully-fletched mining company that is into mining and also operates as a financier. It works to link foreign mining assets, investors, to different mining assets,” he said.

“Through the company, we invest in development and production stage mining companies, as well as products and services that serve the mining sector.

“The company also does considerations on investments in mining companies where a value catalyst is projected within the short to medium term,”said the businessman.

Timburwa said Parvaim Gold was focused on opportunities where it can work with its partners to realise value accretion within two years from initial investment up to as many years as agreed upon but with a deliberate focus on corporate social investment.

“With Parvaim Gold just like we are doing with our other business lines, we are aiming to attract meaningful return on investment but again with a deliberate focus on corporate social investment so that no one is left behind in our development agenda,” he said.

“We want opportunities for disadvantaged, but talented kids and we also want to ensure equal access to education for all.

“We want to replicate what some luminaries like Strive Masiyiwa has done in Zimbawe and across Africa.”

The businessman, who has supported many disadvantaged communities, but with little publicity, said religion has had a deep impact on his entrepreneurial journey.

“I am one person whose business drive is wholly anchored in the Bible and Christian ways hence we have over the years continued reaching out to the needy without necessarily publicising it,” he said.

“As leaders in business, we must always remember that we are blessed for others and as we continue growing, you will see more structured corporate social investments programmes from our business group.”

Timburwa has been awarded several accolades, including being listed among 100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa by Pan-African Youth Leadership.

In January this year, he was incorporated into the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) Young Business Leaders Programme.

According to GCBL Young Leaders’ Programme’s executive director Nnamdi Egbuaba, the program prioritises activities that align with the United Nations-declared Decade of Action, promoting the importance of the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals in the business models of the future, allowing partners, members, and participants to prepare themselves to be the vanguards of the future.

In one of his more recent achievements, Timburwa is among the Forbes Africa’s 30 most influential young people under 30, which is an impressive recognition of his work given the significant impact that young people are making on the continent in all spheres of life.

He will be hosting the Forbes Africa board and some of his enterprising peers listed as the most inspiring African business people from across the continent in Harare alongside government dignitaries and captains of industry next month.


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