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EcoCash helps Zimbabweans benefit from US dollar remittances

ECOCASH says it has enough United States dollars for customers who receive international remittances through its partners, such as Cassava Remit and EcoCash Remit.

Diaspora remittances have being a vital cog in keeping families going in the face of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc in markets across the world and affected millions of people globally.

EcoCash says it is committed to ensure a steady flow of diaspora remittances into Zimbabwe as they are “an important source of foreign currency and an enabler of economic growth and sustainable development”.

“We want to assure our valued customers that all international remittance cash pick-ups are guaranteed,” the company said.

It added that remittance recipients can receive money from the diaspora directly into their EcoCash foreign currency account (FCA) wallet and collect United States dollars from any Econet shop.

The Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe’s mobile money platform continues to champion access to foreign currency in the country, improving lives of individual consumers and ensuring businesses —  particularly small businesses — remain afloat.

“Our affordable and easy-to-access remittance service has given people living in the diaspora opportunities to use mainstream channels to support their loved ones at home financially,” the company said.

And, indeed, several customers have spoken of the convenience with which they received and collected US currency from Econet shops without any hassle.

Beloved Munemo from Damofalls, Ruwa, who owns a real estate company, said he conducts most of his transactions with international clients through EcoCash.

“I have some clients living abroad and they usually deposit money via WorldRemit into my EcoCash FCA and I collect it without problems. I would recommend it to anyone in the diaspora who wants to send money home,” he said.

The same sentiments were  echoed by Mercy Matiza from Chipadze in Bindura, who said she received money from her employer in the United Kingdom via EcoCash.

“My employer lives overseas, so I get my salary via WorldRemit and I use my EcoCash FCA account to collect the money. I love the fact that the charges are reasonable,” she said.

Tony Phiri from Bulawayo’s Tshabalala high-density suburb said when dealing with sensitive issues such as money it is important to use trusted brands in order to avoid heartaches.

“EcoCash is a trusted brand with lots of integrity. Their remittance service is convenient and US dollars are readily available through their channels. Another benefit of receiving funds into my EcoCash FCA wallet is that sometimes when I am left with few US dollar funds, I just convert them into Zimdollars and use the money to buy airtime or whatever I need,” he said.

International remittances are playing a key role in the country’s educational sector as well, as they are assisting in the payment of school and college fees, as well as paying for books and other educational materials.

Tapiwanashe Moyo, a college student in Mutare, said she received money from her mother who lives in South Africa to for school fees and other uses.

“My mother usually sends us money via EcoCash and, at first, I did not know how to go about collecting it or making use of my EcoCash FCA. I went to an Econet shop with my ID and I was assisted on how to cash-out the

“The good thing is, if we don’t need to use the money at that particular moment, we just keep it in the wallet because it is safe there,” said Moyo, who stays with her grandmother and two siblings.

Cassava Remit, EcoCash Remit and WorldRemit services are available to Zimbabweans who receive money from friends and relatives living in several countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States, Norway and South Africa, just to mention a few.

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