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Kush Zimgat sings for road safety awareness

By Style Correspondent

Musician Kush Zimgat has released a song meant to raise road safety awareness.

The song also commemorates artistes and soccer players who perished on the road.

The 58-year-old artiste from Magwegwe suburb says motorists should be careful on the road to avoid carnage.

“The song is for motorists to take it easy and be careful on the road,” Kush Zimgat said.

“We have lost the likes of Jackie Madondo, Adam Ndlovu, Blessing Makunike and many others on the road and we don’t want to see more brilliant artists and footballers falling into the same death trap.

“I urge drivers to take it easy on the road when they are coming from leisure spots at night, we want to see the industry grow and not lose more.”

Zimgat has a song dubbed Save the World which he sang for the victims of Cycle Idai.

He sang in Shona and Nyanja.

Zimgat started singing in church with the likes of Tilda Moyo and other talented Bulawayo musicians.

He went on to promote shows and artistes in Harare and was one of System Tazvida’s promoters.

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