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Gospel diva resurfaces after 20 years


TWENTY-years ago, she announced her presence on the gospel music scene with her album Utiziro, but immediately went under the radar.

A passionate, down-to-earth  and committed  gospel minister, United Kingdom-based Yeukai Mhandire Matapo, this year made a spectacular comeback with her new praise and worship scorcher album titled Munamato.

True to the album’s name, which literally means prayer, the eight-track album is saturated with deep prayers on critical issues relating to our daily lives.

These include marital relationships, challenging life experiences and Ndzazviona, which gratifies God’s omnipotent presence in human life.

The specialist nurse traces her active Christian life to her family upbringing as her mother was a dedicated Christian who was a popular choir member during her childhood, where they used to attend the Anglican Church.

The bubbling musician’s initial name was propheti, it appears. Yeukai, in the Queen’s language literally means “remember”.

The dice had already been cast, for at birth, for her to retrace the pioneer path of her deeply rooted Christian parents and family.

Also, the number 20 that she has been invisible, is symbolic in the Bible. Twenty is also a symbol of your positive attitude and optimism. It can also symbolise your ability for teamwork and your responsibility, according to online Christian sources.

And why was Yeukai‘s gospel voice on mute for the record 20-years?

It appears the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) congregant confirms the symbolic meaning of her two decades hiatus.

“A lot of developments happened during these 20-years. That is the time I settled with the love of my life,” she said.

“I also had many challenges, in that, my brother, who ensured that I recorded my first album, passed on and it was a very challenging moment.

“However, I was still in communication through songs as a Church Praise and Worship member.”

Lead vocals for her Munamato album were done in the UK, while her local producer and gospel musician, Jonathan Mgazi did the finishing.

“What made me come back? I would like to believe that it is the passion I have to sing for God and like I said before, I was still writing songs over the last 20-years,” she said.

“I was still worshiping God through music, so I strongly felt that now is the time to do it and do it well.”

Yeukai said she gets saturated in spirit to write her songs, while reflecting her own experiences to God in prayer, whether being at work, driving or relaxed.

She interprets her world view through “Christian spectacles” in challenges or thanks giving.

And the specialist nurse confirms that she silently prays for the patients under her, as a complimentary to the professional care she would be rendering.

Her songs such as Wanano are topping the list on ZBC’s National FM, Radio Zimbabwe while “freezing” online sites  due to their popular demand.

Wanano is a song that poses a divine appeal for marriage partners for thriving marriages.

And for Yeukai, marriage health is the basis cog of a thriving family, which is critical for  individual and societal wellbeing.

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