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What Makes a Great Blackjack Player

What Makes a Great Blackjack Player? 

As card games go, Blackjack is one that is relatively simple to get to grips with. That means that even if you have never played before, you can probably be told the rules and get started pretty much straight away. However, just because the game is easy to play that doesn’t mean it is easy to win.

Instead, there are different things you should do to give yourself the best possible chance of being a Blackjack winner – we’re going to share some of those steps now.

Get To Grips With All The Rules

Although the basics of Blackjack are simple, if you want to be a really great player then you need to know all of the rules. Not only does this mean that you get a chance to use them to your advantage when you need them, but it means that you’ll have a heads-up when other people try to use them too!

  • Surrender – This lets you surrender your hand/fold your bet and get back half of your stake. If your hand is so bad and you know you won’t win then this can mean that you don’t lose as much, as opposed to going ahead with the game anyway and losing your full bet.
  • Double Down – This isn’t allowed on all tables so you should check with your chosen casino before you play whether this is in the rules. It allows you to place another bet of the same amount as your original bet and get dealt one more card.
  • Splitting – This allows you to split any pair that you receive, and some tables will allow you to split again if you get another deal.
  • How Many Decks – Depending on where you play they may deal cards from more than one deck. Make sure you know this before you get going.

Like most card games, rules can vary and people play their own versions. Before you start playing any Blackjack game it is essential that you find out what rules you’re playing to so that you can play effectively.

Practice Makes Perfect

Much like any other skill, practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to read up on some Blackjack strategies and then start playing to a professional standard. Instead, you should play as often as you can – play against friends, try out free games online and play at online casinos just to perfect your Blackjack skills. It might take you longer than you imagine but with plenty of practice and reading up on strategies there is every chance that you’ll soon be a great Blackjack player. The great news is that you can even search for the best Crypto casino and get your Blackjack practice in while using digital currency rather than money from your bank account, if you wanted to.

Should You Take An Insurance Bet?

Some casinos will let you place an insurance bet, which means that they’ll pay you out 2 to 1 if you place another bet that is equal to half your wager. This can seem tempting and they’ll often position it as though they are doing it because of the cards you have. However, it is because of the cards they have – 10, jack, queen, or king. Most people that play lots of Blackjack will tell you to never take the insurance bet.

Give Thought To How Much You Want To Bet

It can be tempting to get carried away and try to win even more money or to recoup any money that you have lost. However, as tempting as this might be it isn’t recommended. To be a great player at any casino game you should always practice responsible gambling. This means only betting what you can afford to lose and deciding on the amount you want to play in advance and sticking to it.



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