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Fascination with Nehanda now too much

My Dear People,

So a story is told that Ngwena and Lungu from Zambia went to the same university to the north of our borders.

I thought of this last week and I chuckled when I read that there was a war between KK’s family and the Zambian government over where the late statesman would be buried.

The family wanted him interred next to his late wife, while the government wanted him at a state shrine.

The government prevailed and went against KK’s wishes.

Remember we had the same situation here, where the government wanted to take Baba’s body, but we fought back and won.

I don’t know what the fascination is with dead bodies and this raises fears of juju, kkk.

I was prepared to fight tooth and nail over Baba’s burial place and I wasn’t going to let the government win.

Even that village chief, who wanted us to exhume Baba, was never going to prevail over me, no matter what.

I wish KK’s family had similar resolve.

I wonder what they teach these leaders at that Zambian university.

Oh and just to top it off, the Zambian government initially got KK’s birthday wrong on the tombstone.

I mean, who gets such things wrong? This is why the family should have been allowed to bury their own.

New $50 note and mbuya

Last year, Bin Chinamasa described Ngwena as the Nehanda of this generation.

A few months later, we had a massive statue constructed in the middle of Harare honouring Mbuya Nehanda.

Immediately after that there is a new $50 note with, you guessed it, Mbuya Nehanda’s face.

I am not saying any of these are connected, but I find it quite interesting.

I wonder what else Nehanda will be honoured with, maybe a town named after her.

Kkk let me not give these people ideas, but at this rate even the country may end up being renamed  after Nehanda.

You can’t trust this lot.

The sad thing about the note though is that it cannot even buy a loaf of bread, yet it is supposedly our biggest denomination.

While the idea is to honour and commemorate Nehanda, I think that this is actually an insult to her.

The way these guys are serious about honouring Nehanda, you wish they put as much effort in the economy and good governance.

But no, they are superstitious and believe that god and the ancestors will improve the economy when the government barely puts in any effort.

Watch out for The Herald’s Page 2 girl, she might suggest a prayer day for Nehanda kkk.

The mines heist

The big story in the past few days has been the exposè about Queen Bee and how he literally owns this country.

The guy has so far stayed away from the media, but exposès about his companies are coming in thick and fast.

He has not been helped by the government’s poor communication about the ownership of Kuvimba and how it controls so much mining in this country.

I won’t bore you with the details of the story, but it is so immoral for one person to be this rich and control so many assets when most of the country is wallowing in poverty.

The guy is involved in command agriculture, power generation, mining, banking and anything that you can imagine.

What makes it bad is the protection that he gets from Zanu PF and the government, who don’t want Queen Bee to be scrutinised.

Zanu PF blocked Queen Bee’s appearance before a parliamentary portfolio committee and literally threatened to bring the house down if the businessman was ever summoned.

The relationship between Zanu PF and Queen Bee has got to be scrutinised as everything looks dodgy.

If Queen Bee is as clean as Temba wants you to believe, then he should appear before Parliament and tell the country about how command agriculture money was used.

But don’t hold your breath, Queen Bee is protected and might never be held accountable.

Maybe Acie and Panonetsa at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe can help us by spilling more beans like they did the last time.

Getting priorities right

I saw Ngwena throwing some punches the other day when Manyuchi visited him.

My advice to Ngwena is for him to keep his day job, there’s no future for him in boxing, kkk.

Congratulations to Manyuchi on his exploits, but I thought that the money he was given by Ngwena was a little too much.

I understand he got US$10 000 from Ngwena.

I hope I don’t sound jealous, but that money could be used to buy ventilators and PPE considering the surge in Covid-19 cases.

We are likely to see more hospitalisations over the next few weeks and that money would have been well spent if it had gone to the Covid-19 effort.

Zimbabweans seem to enjoy the coup gangsters destroying the country if their reaction to some of the absurd things the Lacoste does is anything to go by.


Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)


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