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Nkomo would have been the best, sings Mlue Jay

By Sindiso Dube

South Africa-based Zimbabwean hip-hop artiste Mlue Jay  believes the late former vice-president Joshua Nkomo could have been the best person to lead and unite people of Zimbabwe.

He made this avowal in his latest song titled Do Better, off his debut album Donatella.

Nkomo died on July 1, 22 years ago.

Mlue Jay is not new to social commentary. Recently he dug into the human rights abuses in South Africa and Zimbabwe in a song titled Safe, where he asked if his loved ones and fellow countrymen were safe from the government’s human rights violation.

In the song Do Better, Mlue Jay chants: “If Joshua Nkomo was alive he could have done better”.

Explaining the lyrics, the Donatella hit maker said he felt Nkomo was a good leader who had the nation at heart.

“I simply meant that if he [Nkomo] was alive maybe the country would not be in this dire situation,” Mlue Jay said.

“He was a people’s leader who had a heart for the people and had big dreams for a new Zimbabwe after independence.

“Maybe if he was alive, us people from the southern region of the country, especially in Matabeleland would be in a better place, hence I said If Nkomo was alive he could have done better.”

The song Do Better was produced by Everything’s Ghost and is track number 11 off the album Donatella, which was released last month.

Mlue Jay said the song was also about the struggles that Zimbabweans endure on a daily basis.

“The song is all about what is happening in Zimbabwe, the struggles we face as youths,” he said.

“The youths are educated and hold degrees, but they are unemployed for years and they are pushed to the limits and end up leaving the country in search for greener pastures.

“I am based in South Africa and I have seen a lot of Zimbabweans changing names in a bid to obtain South African identification documents to get decent jobs.”

Mlue Jay said most educated Zimbabwean youths were taking up menial jobs while others have joined the prostitution band wagon.

Donatella carries 18 tracks was produced and engineered by Everything’s Ghost (South Africa) and Procava from Swaziland and featured Brythreesixty, the late Cal_Vin, Asaph, Dopey, Syko Tek, Vic Jita, Asaph, and Gunx Dapharoe NguDoni.

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