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My Dear People,

We all witnessed in shock and horror the lawlessness in South Africa.

Being the ultimate opportunist, Ngwena was quick to issue a statement on the violence calling for peace.

Talk of crocodile tears. Excuse the pun.

When it comes to condemning violence and calling for peace, Ngwena has literally no leg to stand on.

To this day, no one has been arrested for the August 2018 violence despite a commission that he set up recommending those arrests.

January 2019 saw another wave of state-sponsored violence and no one has been held accountable again.

Do not remind me of the historical violence that has been part of this country, where perpetrators go scot-free.

So for Ngwena to stand on his soapbox and condemn the violence in South Africa is a bit hypocritical and sounds slightly insincere.

We thank God for Mmusi Maimane. Since he left the Democratic Alliance, he has found his brain.

Maimane was quick to call out Ngwena in a tweet, that the young ones would say, has gone viral.

Maimane called out Ngwena’s hypocrisy, reminding him of the violence that has become a trademark for Zimbabwe.

The problem in southern Africa is that political leaders do not call each other out in the name of quiet diplomacy and that has the effect of ensuring that citizens are kept oppressed.

Thus, Maimane’s statement calling out Ngwena was a breath of fresh air and we hope other political leaders can speak out in the same manner.

Still on the looting in South Africa, that country has somewhat been a big brother in the region, calling out rogue countries.

But with the looting and lawlessness there, South Africa has somewhat lost the moral high ground and may find out that it is no longer in a position to condemn lawlessness in other countries.

You should see how Cde Nick and Joji were besides themselves highlighting the problems in South Africa.

Subtly, their message was that South Africa had lost its position as the democratic conscience in southern Africa.

In a nutshell, their thought process was that rogue countries will continue violating the rights of citizens and South Africa should have no say in that.

Just a week of lawlessness in South Africa and already the situation in Eswatini is forgotten.

Nobody is talking about the impending elections in Zambia
anymore, despite some unsavoury tactics by Cde Lungu.

South Africa needs to get its house in order or the region will burn.

What’s the point of Sadc  by the way? That regional body hears, sees and speaks no evil.

Pointless organisation. That is why Baba once threatened to pull out of it.

Cde Jacob Zuma is spending his second week in jail. If ever there was a person who deserved to be punished — that’s him.

At our weakest point, Baba reached out to him for help as Ngwena’s friends threatened to drive us out of town.

Only South Africa had the strength to ward off the tanks that had been rolled out in Zimbabwe.

But that giggling Nkandla clown ignored Baba’s request and we were all on our own.

Baba felt rejected by Zuma and I am sure that wherever he is, he is laughing at Zuma’s predicament.

I am also not mourning for Zuma and I hope he serves his full term.

Actually, when he is freed for contempt of court, he should be jailed again for corruption.

They call it karma.

Flouting Covid protocols

Zimbabwe has seen a massive upsurge in Covid-19 cases and the situation has not been helped by the government’s actions.

Thousands of people gathered in Marange since July 3, and the government pretended nothing was happening.

Some organisations confronted the police, but the cops said they had not seen anything and ignored the issue.

Gatherings are banned, while churches have been shuttered for a while now, yet the law enforcement authorities chose to turn a blind eye to the massive gathering in Marange.

Such inertia makes other citizens also ignore the government’s lockdown regulations.

It does not make sense for police to arrest people for not wearing masks, yet they ignore a gathering of thousands of people.

If the government was sincere about enforcing lockdown regulations, then maybe the pandemic would not have been so bad in Zimbabwe.

Warriors coach

I’m not much a fan of football, but why are Zifa still insisting on Loga?

The guy is a tried and tested failure and it is clear that our football is going backwards with him at the helm of the national team.

The chap has only won one game out of 12 or so and if this isn’t a sign of failure, then nothing else is.

It’s time to cut our losses and move on.


Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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