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Greg Turner was a friend of Zimbabwe, Africa


AN American activist, Gregory Turner, jailed for 15 months in 2015 for lobbying for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe died last week, was larger than life to me.

I had known the trailblazing Turner not as a civic activist but as an avid supporter of black empowerment and Africa renaissance.

He championed the emancipation of black people and believed in an equal society for all.

To me he was a brother, an advisor who motivated me to face the world without hesitation.

He lived his life to the fullest, stood for his beliefs even when they were not fashionable in society.

Greg Turner, as many known him, loved to see Zimbabwe among the progressive nations.

He cared less about the consequences that would follow his beliefs hence he would boldly tell the Chicago court that he was unapologetic for supporting 14 million Zimbabwe by lobbying that sanctions against Zimbabwe be removed.

Turner was passionately opposed to the ZDERA sanctions against Zimbabwe.

He regarded them as a bloat and attack at the core of existence and wellbeing of Zimbabwe, Africa and its Diaspora.

I am one of those whom he engaged extensively on issues to promote and build nations of Africa sustably, by promoting serous black participation in economic affairs of Africa.

I worked with him on various projects and one in the formative stages it build commercial agriculture that would grow food and vegetables for global supply with less chemicals.

His demise due to Covid-19 reminds us that we are all exposed and need to take care of our well-being.

Yes I know death is painful, but I chose not to mourn Turner but to celebrate his sacrifice for Africa.

He left the US, a state of haves and joined us who lack—that is how he  lived—sharing life with the underprivileged and the oppressed.

Popularly known as The African Envoy during his time in America, Turner spent the past 35 years fighting neo-colonialism and facilitating development projects across Africa, including over 50 trade, cultural and or political engagements between Africa and the US.

In Zimbabwe, Turner was a senior consultant for the Zimbabwe Progress Fund between 2007 and 2010.

*Kura KF Sibanda is an African entrepreneur with interests in agriculture, mining, logisticsfinancial services and manufacturing.

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